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What is the standard undershirt to wear under a white dress shirt? White T-shirt or is a tank top acceptable? Which is preferred?
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Depends on the thickness of the shirt, and the presence and color of any chest hair. I think most of us can agree that you don't want to have distracting outlines etc. showing up under your shirt front. For me, that usually translates to a white crewneck T. I don't understand the tanks/wife-beaters/"A"-shirts, frankly, since anything sleeveless puts your armpits in direct contact with your dress shirt.
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As a seller of men's underwear, the following might be of interest: Unless you are wearing opaque, dark dress shirts, always a white or ecru undershirt. Most popular: Deep V-neck with sleeves 2nd: Crew neck with sleeves 3rd: Sleeveless Tank, either fashion or standard shouldered Most popular: (Smooth) thin cotton jersey - although micromodal is catching up quickly 2nd: Ribbed cotton 3rd: Thicker smooth cottons Those who wear the tank do so primarily because it creates a great deal less bulk in the shoulder area. Additionally, the cling properties of undershirt sleeves tend to screw up the fit of a well-made dress shirt in the upper chest area where the sleeves join the shirt - unless your bespoke shirtmaker has made allowance for the undershirt. The tank prevents this from happening while still offering added Winter warmth and an opaque covering for chest and back hair.
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For me its always either a crewneck or a v-neck. I think tank tops (A.K.A. wifebeaters) look awful under dress shirts. There is also nothing worse then a really hairy guy in a white shirt that is fairly transparent with not undershirt
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tall crewnecks, because there are few things that feel as odd as having an undershirt come untucked beneath a still-tucked shirt.
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A tank under a shirt adds warmth on these cold days, without the bulk.
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I always always always wear an undershirt with a dress shirt, the crew neck t-shirt variety. I started my adult life as a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, California, so the white undershirt beneath the maroon label Nordstrom pinpoint button down (white only, blue on Fridays when not in trial) was pretty much required by law. Given the amount of starch in those shirts, the undershirt was as much for my own epidural safety as it was for modesty. Lately many companies are making them in a trimmer fit with a bit of lycra, which helps prevent the fit problems of which Mr. Kabbaz spoke. But do wear a v-neck when not wearing a tie. Nothing says "UVA frat boy out on the town" like the white collar of a crew neck undershirt worn beneath a button down.
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