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Nicest RTW gingham shirts?

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I was looking through my wardrobe today and realised that I am severely lacking in the gingham department (one tattered old blue one).

I am looking to buy a few new gingham shirts, in whatever colour (blue is a must, other colours are still possible). I am looking to keep them RTW and not *too* expensive, I am in the UK and my neck size is 14.5 / 15.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Harvie and Hudson do a nice one. Turnbull also, but in a smaller check IIRC James & Longbourne do a few. Robert Emmett sometimes. I'd love to get a Hilditch & Key Sea Island one but they don't have them it seems.
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I have one from Haupt that I think looks nice (the gingham isn't too big or small), is comfortable, and very well made.
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Brooks Brothers has some nice ones in the Black Fleece line. However, I'd wait until they go on discount, which seems to occur often.
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I have several RLPL and have been very happy with them. Pics in a recent thread on gingham shirts but too lazy to search.
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If you want to buy them now, J. Press has great looking ones in red and blue at 25% off, meaning they're about sixty bucks each right now (not exactly cheap, but not too expensive either). Button-collar, though. You'll definitely want to get them tailored, however.
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