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Brown suit

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What is your opinion of the appropriateness of a dark brown suit for business wear?  I own quite a few suits in the navy/dark gray palette and am looking to branch out.
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I am an attorney and have worn a dark brown suit to meetings and to other business events. I think it fine. I probably would not wear to court unless it were a settlement conference or other more informal activity.
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I wear a brown crepe wool suit by Prada. Distinctive, great with a pink shirt and a deep purple tie. Don't listen to the uninitiated on this forum. Prada suits can be every bit as well constructed as Jil Sander's (i.e, canvassed). You just have to get your hands on one and check it out. By the way, I tried on a beautiful Zegna (not Z-Zegna but real Zegna) sportcoat the other day at Saks. Silver with faint beige and baby blue window pane. 50/50 cashmere/silk. Down to $1000, think it will go down even more. However, I gave it the pinch test, and the f-ing thing is fused. How can these people do this to their reputation? AHHHHHHHH..... I'M WRITING TO THE COMPANY TO COMPLAIN. CAN ANYONE TRANSLATE ENGLISH INTO ITALIAN?
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According to London dress rules, blue and grey only for the city. Brown for the country. These rules have carried over to the USA to some degree although brown is more acceptable for less formal public, business, and social occasions. I have brown business suits, and I thank Alan Flusser for breaking the rules about brown in town. My first Flusser suit was brown. A few notes: 1. George Washington wore a brown suit on his inauguration. 2. Pres. Reagan occasionally wore brown and made it more acceptable and popular. 3. Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, said that brown suits look like s**t. I believe that he worn only black suits and expected that his subordinates would shun brown.
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I think it could work, depending on your complexion and skin tone... personally I don't pull off earth tones especially well, but it works for some people, for less formal business settings, farmer-look nonwithstanding.
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3.  Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, said that brown suits look like s**t.  I believe that he worn only black suits and expected that his subordinates would shun brown.
I don't wear make up and so logically cannot be bother by what Charles Revson, the little nit, founder of Revlon, has to say about anything concerning a man's wardrobe.
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i have four suits that fall into the brown catagory (dark brown to beige to taupe) and i think they're a great addition to a wardrobe
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In some circumstances, brown can look great, but you have to be very careful: it's possible to look more Jimmy Carter than Ronald Reagan. In my opinion, you almost have to go with a slimmer, more tailored cut with a brown suit - a brown sack suit just looks like you are wearing a big brown bag.
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As hermes indicated, there are many different shades of brown. I'm not a fan of dark or chocolate brown for a suit and wouldn't wear one for business. But I think there are certain shades of brown that most certainly work for business, for example: -- all shades of beige -- taupe (which I think of as dark beige) -- gray with brown chalk stripes I have also see beautiful brownish tweed Oxxford suits and sportcoats that are very nice, though probably not good for most businesswear.
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Although I have a few suits in various hues of brown, said suits always call to mind a particular passage from the Robert Lowell poem, Memories of West Street and Lepke, about the poet's year of incarceration during WWII: Strolling, I yammered metaphysics with Abramowitz, a jaundice-yellow ("it's really tan") and fly-weight pacifist, so vegetarian, he wore rope shoes and preferred fallen fruit. He tried to convert Bioff and Brown, the Hollywood pimps, to his diet. Hairy, muscular, suburban, wearing chocolate double-breasted suits, they blew their tops and beat him black and blue. Not sure what it adds. Just thought it interesting.
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For what it's worth, I have several light tan suits, and one wool/cashmere blend dark chocolate brown suit with cream colored window panes. I wear the light tan suits in the summer time (when the rules of dress often seem more relaxed) with cream or light blue shirts and green or red ties. I wear the dark chocolate brown suit in the winter, often with a cashmere tie. I usually wear my brown suits on Fridays or other days when I don't anticipate meeting someone important (a potential client for example). There certainly are days when I forego the brown suit for the navy suit white shirt, and burgandy tie. Bic
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It depends on the shade of brown. Light tan is very acceptable for the summer.
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