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sorry to bring this back up but will be visiting Singapore this December for a few days and wanted to ask if there are any "improvements"?

Is the Malmaison store already carrying Rubinacci and Charvet?

Any new stores to consider for OTR?
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Do NOT use Mode et Creation to have your suits done.




I bought 2 suits from Sams Tailor in Hong Kong 6 months ago, 3 fittings, personalised service great range of materials and inserts – I really feel special wearing them




I was transiting trough Singapore twice in the space of 7 days and thought i would get some more suits done up.


Brought photos to M e C of the HK suits and the measurements and said make suits just like that. Picked the materials, only a small selection. I was only there for 1 days and back a week later. He said that was not a problem as we would do the 2nd fitting in the morning when i came back third fitting later that day.




Came back a week later, suits were made, reasonable i thought, but buckles on all of them did not work, asked for new ones.




Was told everything would be ok in the afternoon. Came back suits were the same and i had to pay him cash, not card and he would not give me a receipt, said i was not able to clam back tax so no reason to.




Back home in Sydney now and have had to take to my tailor to have the waist taken in, width of trousers lets out – he made them way too narrow and the buckles changed. Jacket of one of the suit also feels really cheap and badly made – other 2 are ok




Use at your peril




Happy to put photos of suits up




Save your time go to SAM’s in HK or someone else

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I usually goes to Kevin Seah Bespoke. Made my rounds with the usual suspects such as Oxford, CYC and such.
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For the love of all that is good and pure please don't go to Kevin Seah Bespoke. 


He charges prices and expounds waiting times that rival Parisian tailors, but not in quality. 


There are many many good old guard tailors that still do a decent, honest job at Asian prices.


Of course, these are just my two cents, and everyone is free to try Kevin Seah Bespoke. I'm sure the ones who know their stuff will make their own conclusions.

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