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Prague Watches

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Hi, I was looking at the Prague brand watches on as a potential gift for a friend. He is not into high-end watches, and I think that he'll like this style. I just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about the quality. I don't expect TOO much for the price, but I was wondering if this was a known maker at all. I don't want to buy a lemon as a gift..
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looks like its loosely styled after a Blancpain 2100.
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Huh, it does remind me somewhat of a BP case. Well, the watch is mechanical which is always a plus, and whilst I dislike non-Tourbillon (or similar derivative escapement cages) balances showing threw the dial, and I can't really find fault with it for the price. Alas, I think as long as you like it and you believe the recipient will like it as well, I say get it. Jon.
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One of the most famous wristwatch manufacturers is the ELTON chech company founded in 1949. It's main wristwatch brand is PRIM, the equivalent of OMEGA for quality and design. Unfortunately, the eastern european products never got the chance to compete with the swiss counterparts due to the political division. People still have their PRIM watches in working condition after 40 years (my cousin still has one). In the socialist period, you would receive as reward (a good student or another good deed) a good mechanical watch manufactored by the same factory that made the famous PRIM, but under the name of Ruhla and Slava. Both are very durable watches, and many people still wear them. I think the Prague watches come either from the same factory, or from some newly formed company after the 90's with the knowledge and know-how from the same manufacturer. The watches look impresive, especially the skeleton automatic one. Maybe, you'll buy one for yourself. In any case, it would be nice if you posted some pictures of it if you decide to purchase it.
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