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Originally Posted by thinman View Post
My best casual belts are from here:

I don't think he has black buckles, though, and he's a one-man operation, so I don't know if he'll ship to Norway. If you like his aesthetic, you should ask.

After seeing this post, I checked out the website and ordered a "bridle" leather belt, dark brown with "wheat" stitching and a solid brass buckle. It came out really well, and arrived VERY quickly after my online order. The leather is thick and one piece, and has almost a waxed or oiled, high-quality feel to it, and the buckle is solid and heavy. Nothing about it feels cheap, and its the first belt I've ever had that actually fits me -- usually I end up punching extra holes and/or chopping off the end to make it the right size for me. Not that I think I could punch holes in this new belt. I measured an old belt in the manner suggested by the website, and it came out just right, the center hole is exactly where it should be. They also make some really nice wallets -- I think the natural calf-skin one might be next on the list -- and have tons of color, leather and buckle options on the belts.

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Ended up with a belt form Unlucky and recieved it in the mail today. I'm very happy with the look and the price! Definetly going to order another one.
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