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I just took advantage of the sale + 25% off using code HOLIDAY25 in case anyone needs anything through Sunday.   I note that both wool/cashmere flat front suits I purchaesed are both shown with traditional 1 3/4" cuffs on the models.  I will be using these suits in a professional environment in a sales job.  All my cuffed Paul Stuart suits have pleats.   Do you think I should go cuffs as Ralph Lauren depics with a standard wingtip?? Or no cuffs since the pants are flat front.   Being conservative in my ways, and not wanting to rock the boat too much, I am inclided to cuff as noted:
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I always get cuffs unless they are a narrow leg casual trouser - say, in corduroy or khaki-colored cotton. It hinges on personal preference. p.s. great suit. I would buy any of their sale suits but none are in my size. They had my size in one of them until a few days ago, but no more.
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Traditionally cuffs go with pleats, and no pleats=no cuffs. That's a rule of thumb that can certainly be violated by personal preference.
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I was addressing a comments from a few weeks back where the poster insisted that flat front = no cuffs. I am pleased to learn that both this board and Mr. Lauren allow a nice cuff on these flat front suits. Also, do you all think this was a good deal? 40% off + 25% off ~65% off - not bad right?? Still expensive to tailor.
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yes, good deal, I like blue label very much.
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Really nice suit. I never get cuffs because I don't like the way they look. A personal choice. Cuffs do help the drape a bit though by adding some extra weight to the botton of the trousers. I wanted to get the black chalkstripe suit at $587 but they don't have my size. What a beauty.
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I can appreciate on a pair of hip tapered slacks with say Prada shoes, NO CUFFS would be the only way to go. But on a conservative suit such as these, I can;t see it without cuffs, pleats or no pleats. Thrilled to learn that you all are too finding this great sale on The black one was 50% off plus an additonal 25% off. I mean, at that price, can they make any money?? Inventory reduction I guess.
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