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Suit hangers

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I'm in need of some suit hangers and i can't find the ones that i want (at least i think they are the best from what i understand so correct me if i'm wrong). I'm looking for the plastic suit hangers that are pretty fat. Like the ones on BB and canali RTW suits. From what i understand the help keep the shape of the shoulders better? I did a google search and i couldn't find any with larger "shoulders" like the ones i want just wondering if anyone knows where i can find them online, or any stores that would carry them.
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Walgreens caries a beautiful wood suit hanger with the wider shoulder supports and a trouser bar that is texturized to prevent slippage.They are 3 for 10.00 I recall;in dark or light wood.
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Can I add a question? I like the 'hybrid' hangars that have a trouser clamp and wide shoulders. I have a few vintage hangars that are built like this, and I know that Cable Car clothiers makes a very expensive version of this (see this link and scroll to the bottom to see what I mean. Does any one know of a cheaper alternative for this style of hangar? I really prefer it to a 'bar clamp' hangar, as hanging pants by the cuffs really helps keep wrinkles at bay.
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I apologize - I just realized that the Cable Car Clothiers link might NOT be a merged hangar. Just to be clear, what I am discussing is a hangar with broad shoulders and trouser clamp that is attached. So you have a single unit that hangs the jacket and clamps the cuffs of the pants. I may photograph an example of this is and post it as an FYI if this is unclear.
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Trust me on this one-- check out the hangers available at crate and barrel or holdeverything, they have extra thick shoulders and are perfect for your fine suits/ sporcoats. Myself, I like the dark cherry wood for my suits, lighter (and slightly less expensive) wood for sportcoats.
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Duveen, it looks like a combo hanger to me and it is terrific. I have worked in wardrobe for over twenty years and have never seen a hanger like that. That being said it looks to me like it's worth about $16.00.
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As I said on another thread where those CCC hangers were posted, I have a bunch that look exactly like that. I got them at Ross or Marshalls for about $3-4 each, but they were probably originally from Linens n Things, Hold Everything, Crate & Barrel, or somewhere like that. They are okay, but the "seam relief" in the middle of the trouser clamp is not deep enough, resulting in stress to the cuff (they clamp down hard on the seam and not enough on the rest of the cuff). Just be sure to check, if you get hangers with the clamps, whether the seam relief in the middle of the clamp is deep enough. 1/2" total should be fine, I think.
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I would add the Bed, Bath & Beyond chain as a good source for hangers and related wardrobe items (e.g., shoe racks). I recently picked up a "Richards Euro Deluxe Hanger with Trouser Clamp" in anticipation of the arrival of my new suit from W.W. Chan. The price, as I remember, was $13. Right now the trousers for all my suits are hanging on separate clamps. I will probably convert over to the Euro Deluxe as a space saver (increasingly needed thanks to addiction to fora like theses.)
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Can't buy them but the Gianni Versace Couture ones are the best I have ever seen. They are extremely wide at the ends (4-5 inches) and velvet lined so clothes don't slide off.
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I picked up one of the Walgreens wooden suit hangers today (link above) to give it a try. It was $4 and for the price I'm very pleased with it. The shape seems right along with the fat ends. On the low end, I think it's a great option and better than anything I've seen at either Walmart or Target. I'll likely pick up another one sometime.
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While we're on the topic of hangers, can someone explain this eBay auction to me? $200 for five hangers, which don't seem to be of any super-lux material, and someone's actually bidding on them. Even if they are from five of the arguably most exclusive/high-end labels, is there any non ostentatious reason why someone would pay 5-10x the price of a normal hanger for these?
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Ridiculous auction. I'm thinking about putting up my five spare Oxxford hangers if I can get $200 + for them.
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That first bid looks like a plant.
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Thread bump, anyone recommend some good inexpensive hangers for suits and sportscoats?

My shoulder are getting puckered. It's ghastly. How do you hang your nice coats and suits?

I was looking at these, but the shoulders don't seem wide enough.:
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