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The Cloakroom - Brisbane, Australia

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Found these guys after checking out their blog, they are in the building above Country Road in the queen st mall. Friendly and helpful enough ,they had a rack of samples of what they can custom make for you. Dress shirts, suits and a few of their own jacket designs, slightly left-of-centre design.

From what I remember:

Shirts $200
Jackets $700+
Suits $1200+

They can pretty much do anything you want with the suits, I tried on a sample, it had functioning sleeve buttons... didn't ask if they were fused or canvassed.

I may just try a shirt or two with them as I don't know of any one else that decent custom shirts in Brisbane (used to buy Herringbone but even their slim fits have gotten blousey). I'd like to try a suit but $1200 whilst a good price, is outta my price range.

thoughts and comments on the quality, cut etc from pics on the blog?
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added some pics fyi
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found an article on them, they do not appear to have any formal training, which makes me sceptical, but they did appear to know what they were talking about when i visited them
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anyone know who The Cloakroam uses to make the clothes (trousers, shirts, jackets, suits)?
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I use the Cloakroom lads a fair bit - there is nothing at all in Brisbane tailoring wise, so I think we need to support the local's. They specialize in non-formal or businesswear, so casual tailoring. Think more like thick as thieves. If you like wearing a suit, or dressing well when your not at work, then that's thier thing. I've had two shirts made from them - button downs. I'll get more in the future. They have insanely awesome customer service - when you place your order, they will wash and iron it for you to try it on and will have it changed if its not perfect. They are constantly innovating, trying to make things better for the consumer. They try new things like different cloth inside cuffs / collars, bone or horn collar stays, horn buttons, playing with linings of jackets, doing shirt jackets, hunting jackets slightly differently than normal. They sell Grenson Rushden shoes as well. Which I don't think is a bad choice - there isn't anything else available in Brisbane near that quality, as average it is for the intertron. They are a more youthful operation, as that's really the only way to go in Brisbane. They have recently sourced selvedge denim from America and Japan, in a house cut, and will hem it perfectly on site. They have no formal training, but a passion for clothes. I don't even think there is formal training in Australia anymore. Support your local guys! I'm going to do a dark charcoal hacking jacket threw them and maybe a trench coat if they can do it. I'm also going to continue doing shirts with them - casual theme. Button downs, some spreads, so forth.
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Sounds good. I think in Australia they have vocational training (called TAFE), and formalised apprenticeships. An apprenticeship is obviously a better way to go, since the Australian textile industry is limited and TAFE must cater courses to what will likely be an employable skill set. Manolo Blahnik supposedly has no formal training either.

"The cloakroom" makes me think of cloaks, and overcoats. Which would obviously never be worn much in Brisbane. I like the use of the Sikh turban.
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They offer courses in sewing and fashion design, but not drafting / cutting / fitting a suit or other mens wear. One of the guys did industrial design, so they get design, the tailor they use is overseas, but good. Fully canvassed suits, lined pants and so forth. There greatest strengths come from the excellent customer service and also taking risks in tailoring, what they do is just different no matter what way you look at it. Like thick as thieves, which I also love. House style is a wonderful thing.
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Both of the Cloakroom gents are very nice indeed - true gentlemen.

They have a good selection of cloth for both shirts and suits, but having seen a few of their suits I wasn't terribly impressed by the quality - the pick stitching in particular was a bit too puckered and obvious. Razele is correct about their customer service, though, it's very good indeed.

As far as I recall, all their stuff is made offshore - I believe in Hong Kong.
When I first spoke with them, they were making the shirts in HK but the suits were being made locally. However, it now seems that all production has been moved offshore.
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I think that there will always be teething problems when you start something like this - you can't be perfect from day one and there isn't anywere to train. I went and saw a travelling hk tailor - 1200 for fully canvassed. Got a shirt from him that was unwearable. Totally useless. I can pay 1200 at cloakroom and know that I'll get something I can wear and something personal. I wouldn't get a formal or business suit from them, but I will get a tan silk linen two button for summer next year. I'd do a few sportcoats, one or maybe two cut shorter for denim. When I ordered my second shirt, they showed me a terrible, terrible jacket that they had done. A client had requested a casual sport coat - heavily fused, wierd sloped natural shoulder, massive patch pockets, fordian lapels and solid stitching in a darker thread colour way further in than pick stitching on the lapels. They tried to talk him out of it, big time. Suffice to say, the guy bailed on paying for it, and they redid the coat the way they wanted to from the start, without up charging. No one will ever buy that coat. Support Brisbane guys. Get your shirts done. I'm trying to get Thomas mason fabric there, and acorn. Should be a better year for tailoring in Brisbane!
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Forgot to mention. The tailor they use in hk doesn't cut from a block, they can do a pattern if your a difficult fit for a shirt or want to use one of your own shorts to copy. They should tell more people this.
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..and the name of the tailor is???
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Were I to seek a bespoke-ish potentially a touch fashion-forward suit in Australia, I'd probably err on the side of Shane Rochefort in Sydney: whilst I understand he lacks formal training as a cutter, he appears to have learnt a good deal from peers. Top bloke, as well.

The Cloakroom isn't exactly my thing but...chacon à son goût.
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Went to the cloakroom and ordered a couple of shirts. At comparable prices they aren't bad. I find both of the gents (while being a little bit clueless in the technical details are nice enough fellas). Back to the shirts not bad...I did have some technical issues with the ordering. When the shirt first came in - it was way too short - but the boys fixed it. Just took a damn long time to get the shirt here. So the shirt came out rather nicely but probably not as nice as I hoped. I would have liked to see the a higher band on the collars with more roll and for some reason I found the stitching not that nice, even though it seemed to have a high stitch count. Perhaps the machine or the thread they are using is not that good. Who knows.

If I got another one of their shirts I would try to get them to modify the collar to have a bit more roll. The collars just seem to be a little flat.

The suits look rather lifeless even when they use really expensive, nice looking cloth.

I like the horn buttons on the suits. This seems to have been something they started using after talking to three well dressed men who I happened to see in the cloakroom at the time of my visit.
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Neyus - I noticed a difference in quality between the two shirts I ordered. I'm going to talk to them about getting roll in the button down next time. My next two shirts from them are going to be candy stripe button downs, slim fit oxfords. Probably a blue stripe and a pink or green stripe. The False Prophet - I'm not sure about suiting yet through cloakroom, I'm going to wait awhile before dropping the buy hammer. Agree with lifeless comment by neyus, I think the coats may be overconstructed. They have done soom cool odd jackets and military themed jackets. misterjase - Not sure. Send them an email? Long term plans for them are to move tailoring here and do everything full Bespoke or RTW - no MTM as of current. I think that is something to support in Brisbane.
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Razele - yes over constructed is what I would call them. I think most bespoke makers are guilty of that in Australia. They seem to be doing something thats stuck in the 1950s perhaps, using heavy canvas and the lapels and the notch are often are also very poorly shaped and this ultimately lets them down.

If we put pressure on them, they will change. If they get it right I will probably order a suit from them. But right now - I dont think they are ready.
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