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Who makes rl purple label, again?

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Can anyone verify, with certainty, who makes RL Purple label 'made in italy' clothing these days? I just found another reason that there is NO excuse to wear cheap clothing. Bought a RL SB Purple Label blue blazer, new with tags ($2685...) for $450 (minus the $200 I sold one of my older suits for on ebay, put it toward my purchase in Paypal) = $250. Goes to show that patience and knowing your size/ good labels can really pay off online. Can't wait to have functional buttonholes put on this excellent super 140s wool sportcoat.
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St. Andrews makes the tailored clothing. I think that the dress shirts are made by Lorenzini, and I would imagine that at least some of the sport shirts are, too. I don't know who makes the ties, socks, or sportswear. The shoes, of course, are made by Edward Green.
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The price can not be 2685 usd for a jacket unless it is 100% cachemire or bespoke. Who is the seller?
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Dug-- I thought this a little odd, myself....but it IS a super 140s wool, all basting stitches still intact, sleeve buttons not yet attached, vents still stitched closed with white stitching. Price on the label reads $2685.
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Hope that tag is not in Hong Kong dollars. Calcs out to about $340 USD if so.
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Purple Label sportcoats and blazers are very expensive - only slightly less than the suits. I didn't believe it myself until I went into the Polo store and saw them in person. $2685 was very likely the actual retail value.
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Probably was the retail price; Purple Label stuff is pretty ridiculously priced, IMO. Compare what RLPL prices are versus E Green shoes or SaintAndrews own label jackets and you'll see that there is a stiff premium for the Purple Label name. I have a SaintAndrews super 140's jacket that was priced at $2100 at Bergdorf Goodman, not known as a cut-price retailer. RLPL is intended to give the Polo name a boost by creating a super-high quality image, so I guess they think the prices need to be near those of Kiton or Brioni, though I don't think the quality is quite the same. You can't get better than E Green (other than, perhaps, Lattanzi), so I guess they just mark the shoes up above where Greens are priced.
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