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Sorry for the late reply .When I was in Dongdaemun I was qouted as the price of the Cheil VIP to be $50 a yard. 

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I would confirm with your tailor before buying. From my understanding tailors get a good profit margin on fabric, so they may not want to use something provided by the customer. Every tailor in Korea will have Samsung fabric though, frequently as a standard option.

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Good to know. Thank you both for the reply. 

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I have started the process of commissioning a suit and blazer through Sartoria Vanni in Gangnam,






They seem to be a pretty good shop and their tumblr makes me think I will get some quality products. I don't know if it was through this thread or another, but I have seen someone post a few suit from them on the SF. Please let me know any experiences you all have had with them and any suggestions. Thanks and I will either post pictures and my experiences with them on this thread or I will start another.

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Recently I went in for the second fitting for the blazer i commissioned at Satoria Vanni. After discussing some changes with the gentlemen at AAAC, I have gone with a couple of changes already noticed in these pictures. Those being more padding in the shoulders and letting the waist out a bit. Here are my fitting pictures:


Feel free to make any additional comments regarding the fit. I tailor already addressed the sleeve length. I will post the finished product when it is ready. So far I have been quite please with this shop and will most likely commission some more items after this one is done. It is looking like a H&S three piece navy suit. 

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