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Hi Growiel,

I have used my alterations guy for years and send all my alterations customers to him. The shop is called Jeilsa (제일사) and it's located in Cheongdam-dong. The phone number is 02-515-4505. English is not spoken. The work you described shouldn't be difficult for him unless you have surgeon's cuffs on your jacket. If it's off the rack, though, it probably won't have them, so it'll be a simple alteration.
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I moved to Korea last year and brought a bunch of shoes over. I have a pair of shoes that are just too tight (bought online during a sale in the US so could not return). Any idea on how to go about trying to sell them here? That way I can justify buying another pair at Unipair...
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You could list them on auction.co.kr, place them in a consignment shop (there are a few in Apkujung-dong and elsewhere), place an ad in one of the marketplaces of the many expat forums, or create a "cafe" on Naver and post your shoes there - Koreans use Naver more than any other site, it's the national portal. An example of "cafes" is here.

Since Korea is an expensive country that loves its import duties you may be able to fetch a higher price by selling locally, but I think you'll get more views and have a better chance to sell by listing them here, on the other sites, and/or on ebay.
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