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High end menswear here is a bit tricky, especially when it comes to fabric and other "raw" goods, especially when looking at middle if the road tailors/stores
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Here is a listing of South Korea's tailoring and classic menswear shops I compiled over at This is as up to date as it can be. Would not pretend that I know much about any of the shops i.e. several of them have no English reviews so do your own appraisals before spending money. Let me know if a particular place deserves to be included in this listing or if information requires updating. Have a great weekend! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Nice listing. A couple of things. B&T is about to move (next week) to a new location, near Hangangjin next to the Georgian embassy. Also, Spolverino, despite the price, doesn't use in house tailors. Don't know if that last bit is worth mentioning in the list, but it was a bit surprising when I found that out. Whoever they outsource to does appear to do good work.

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Claghorn, your post got me thinking. When I made the listing, I did not have any specific criteria on what goes up there except for one: seemingly ability to provide a product or service in line with what would be considered classic menswear of generally good taste. Which I readily admit is a rather loose criteria. Your insight on Spolverino is important. On the other hand, information about the company's products or services or practices or business models or pricing may be better off being discussed in a forum rather than on the listing as these are all dynamic. There are also at least 3 obvious flaws on the listing. First of which is that there is no stratification according to budget or should I say value. The second of which is that there may not be (English) online real user reviews available, which usually scares the shit out of customers (pardon my French). The third of which is that the listing gears towards shops with web presence, possibly missing out the fine old school tailors.
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Yup. Like I said, not something you'd probably want to include in the list, but interesting given their reputation.

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Hello Everyone!


   So as the poor college student that I am, I decided to find the lowest cost shirt( but 100% cotton) and suit ( 100% wool) I possibly could and I came back with some interesting facts. I went to our favorite place in the world! Dongdaemun! Entering Dongdaemun on a Saturday at 2 is like a ghost town for us. The website says its open to 6 but DONT DO IT! SHOW UP BEFORE LUNCH on Saturday.Most of the Fabric shops are closed, so it was a game of hide and go seek for a while till I could find someone. I stumbled on a shirt making lady 


She first told me it was $45 for a custom shirt ( Wasn't very convincing in trying to sell shirts) and no mention of fabrics. When I asked her is it possible for me to meet the person who makes the shirts, her eyes widen, appearing as if I were some police officer investigating bootlegged products. I told her can I customized it and she said yes but I would have to buy the items somewhere else and the other booths are closed so I'll have to try again. She didn't give me the card but I asked. The address  is where everything pertaining to menswear is so that should help. ( If anyone needs a map let me know, I'll post it) But all was not lost. Seeing that we were looking for stuff, but came slightly prepared with knowledge ( Thank you thread!) I ran into a guy who is "the biggest fabric dealer on the block". I heard this from other shop owners as well. I lost his card but he had alot of goldentex fabrics ( The 100% wool ones) but beware that 80% wool and 20% polyester is combined in the book and they'll charge you the same prices saying it will keep you cooler. The price of the Cheil VIP is $50 a yard ( and me being 187cm, 97kgs usually wearing a 42L suit, it ill require at least 3.5 for a suit)After a conversation, I told the guy that outside of Korea we like to develop a relationship with the tailor that does our clothing and how it is different than Korea, etc, etc. So he tells me he's going to take me to a master tailor. I look at my friend ( I know Korean but I wanted to notice what the difference in information that was passed along as they told her stuff they didn't tell me) we look worried but we go to see this tailor. He's down the street and here is his card ---> 



This is the view from outside the building. You can see Dongdaemun in the back



Here is the actual building



This hallway contains a few tailors and seamstresses. Is this where all the suits are made? Probably not but it is interesting to see something like this outside of Itaewon.



Here is the tailor's room It's quite small. But unlike the guys at Itaewon it looks like work gets done here. ( I'll post pics inside later)



I entered the room and there was the tailor. He offered me and my friend bottles of Vitamin 500cc and we talked. I told him I wanted a shirt so I sat down and read through everything.While there were 3 books worth of shirt fabric, I played it safe and ordered a simple white shirt for $45( I forgot my lighter so I couldn't really test to see if it was 100% I 'm no expert so the internet is my teacher). Semi-wide collar, darts in the back. This is what the fabric looked like under a USB Microscope. It was the thickest of the fabrics I chose and it was quite still quite thin.




I chose to make a simple white shirt to see what he was capable of. Seeing how all the coupon sites are charging $40 for a mix blend and $60 for a cotton one, I thought this could be a better risk than getting a whole suit ( I was not prepared anyway).  I am picking up the shirt this weekend and I will post it here along with the tailors thread so they can criticize.  We'll see how it comes out but i'd love to here any feedback good or bad. I'm currently working for a travel company site so I want to make sure all of us here get the best info possible.


Honestly I have doubts.While it looks like he may be the person making the suit, I don't think he's the one making the shirt. My reasoning stems from some mention that me and my friend picked up when he mentioned something along the lines of " their vacation starts 8/4/mon~8/5/wed but some of young guys take their vacation from 8/1 fri but he make sure finish to finish my shirt by friday and if its done before friday he will call me"


Tips: 1. Know what you want! The tailor tried sell me the shirt with no fold in the back and I told him I don't want to look like and old man, give me the darts. He'll also give you some pictures like this so you can cut copy paste-->

 CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90  

2. You can negotiate prices but it will be based on how big your order. Don't expect any negotiation if you are just purchasing one shirt.


3. Read the thread, get some idea of the tailoring situation in Korea, and yeah you will need Korean or a Korean person with you. 


4. I don't think anyone had fabrics that were not blue, black or grey so if you want something special, you'll have to order it from abroad.


5. Arrive early! Even on weekdays, shops start to close at 5 so head over to section D and go crazy!


Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you all! If everything goes well, a suit post will be done!

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Hello everybody !


Looking for a tailored suit in Seoul ! I met the tailor from LaBarca, he propose me a suit for 600 euros = 757USD ( I am french ), and I would like to know if anyone has an advice about him.


I planned to meet other tailor to compare with La Barca but I don't know which one. I am looking for a fitted suit below the price of 750USD but not an Itaewon shit at 200USD. I heard about the tailor of Hyatt Hotel, should I got there ?


Seoul is a big dilemna for me to get a classy suit that will not be seen as "fashion terrorist" when I will be back in Paris. I don't expect a Paris Tailor Suit, but something decent.


Just in case, this is the website of LaBarca :


Thanks !

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The tailor across the Grand Hyatt starts at around $1600 a suit. For something you won't hate and is just about your price range, try Lussoso (there are a number around Seoul)
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Thank you for your response ! I will take a look at Lussoso then !


Any advice about La Barca ?

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just posting some photos of my last suit made by Savile Row in Itaewon
navy glen plaid
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Thank you for including my shop, Well Dressed, on your list!

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Interesting post on your quest to find a tailor within Dongdaemun. I'm interested in seeing how your shirt turned out.

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Did you use to occasionally hang out at a Starbucks near Cheongdam Station? It used to be a study hangout of mine and you look familiar judging from your store's Facebook page.
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Yes, the Cheongdam Park Starbucks is one of my regular Starbucks. Was just there yesterday, in fact. Small world!

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Seems a lot to bother when you can buy Twill 100 % cotton off Tmlewin or other mainstreet website for 20 pounds -- I usually wait for sale season to get that price and buy a few for dear hubby. Is the custom fit, fabric worth it, because I'll have them made here, if so?
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