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High end menswear here is a bit tricky, especially when it comes to fabric and other "raw" goods, especially when looking at middle if the road tailors/stores
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Here is a listing of South Korea's tailoring and classic menswear shops I compiled over at thekerbau.com. This is as up to date as it can be. Would not pretend that I know much about any of the shops i.e. several of them have no English reviews so do your own appraisals before spending money. Let me know if a particular place deserves to be included in this listing or if information requires updating. Have a great weekend! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Nice listing. A couple of things. B&T is about to move (next week) to a new location, near Hangangjin next to the Georgian embassy. Also, Spolverino, despite the price, doesn't use in house tailors. Don't know if that last bit is worth mentioning in the list, but it was a bit surprising when I found that out. Whoever they outsource to does appear to do good work.

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Claghorn, your post got me thinking. When I made the listing, I did not have any specific criteria on what goes up there except for one: seemingly ability to provide a product or service in line with what would be considered classic menswear of generally good taste. Which I readily admit is a rather loose criteria. Your insight on Spolverino is important. On the other hand, information about the company's products or services or practices or business models or pricing may be better off being discussed in a forum rather than on the listing as these are all dynamic. There are also at least 3 obvious flaws on the listing. First of which is that there is no stratification according to budget or should I say value. The second of which is that there may not be (English) online real user reviews available, which usually scares the shit out of customers (pardon my French). The third of which is that the listing gears towards shops with web presence, possibly missing out the fine old school tailors.
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Yup. Like I said, not something you'd probably want to include in the list, but interesting given their reputation.

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