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eBay seller suits-4-you - Trussardi and D&G suits

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Hi everyone, I'm considering these two suits, both from eBay seller suits-4-you. (1) D&G http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MEWA:IT (2) Trussardi http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MEWA:IT Does anyone have any experience buying from this seller? Also, any thoughts on the suits? As I mentioned in another thread, I'm looking for something relatively modern-looking, and grabbing a couple in this price range would be ideal for me. Cheers.
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no experience, but a few questions for you and anyone else: trussardi at $2299? i seem to remember having 1 trussardi in my inventory and it wasn't a good quality piece and retailed in the 500ish range. what makes these "modern looking"? they look maybe a little modern, but at this price i would think a better choice would be an isaia or belvest that would definitely be a better quality fabric and construction. just opinions
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I would not pay more than $250 or $300 for a D&G on eBay. I like their suits very much, but for the price that seller is listing them, you could easily find one at Off 5th and be able to try it on. That isn't even to mention that the retail price is just an outright lie. I've never seen a Dolce suit retail more than $1500, and most of them just over $1100. Purely on a basis of discount, a Belvest or Isaia that you get for $500 is a much much better deal than a D&G for $500. I think if you like Dolce & Gabbana, you should definitely get one of their suits; I personally think they're amazing looking... just don't buy that exact one unless money is no object, whatsoever.
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Thanks for the suggestions. My problem is that I am in Australia, and do not have access to discounted quality suits locally, so I am pretty much limited to buying online. Any suggestions about where I might get suits similar to these, or to those you mentioned, would be fantastic. Cheers.
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If your only option is making an online purchase, why not spring for an MTM suit? Much safer route to go than a RTW that you can't even try on. From what I've read, Thick as Thieves and Indochino have the best reputation.
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That was 6 years ago...
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Oh snap! I feel like an idiot...
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Do you? It certainly doesn't look like a mistake since all your posts promote Indochino....
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