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Tonic Water

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Does anybody know what the concentration of quinine is in tonic water?
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I am talking out my ass here, considering I don't have a bottle near me, but shouldn't it say on the label somewhere? *edit: WOOHOO. 200th post. I got quite a few before I reach A.Harris's record.*
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Apparently it's a secret of the recipe? Not enough to kill you, at any rate.
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I've checked several bottles at the grocery store here and none of them say. I was just curious. Thanks for the link. If I ever need quinine, I'll go for the quinidine. As much as I like gin & tonics, I doubt that I can drink 12 quarts worth.
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There is probably not enough to reduce your malaria symptoms. Quinine was used as a tonic which significantly reduces the malaria symptoms; apparently, it does not cure it. I thought I would throw that in for some trivia. Another piece of trivia, the Gin & Tonic drink is the only mixed drink where the alchohol was added to improve the mixer. Most drinks were created where the mixer was added to improve and/or mask the flavor of the alchohol.
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