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Recommendation for Navy Blazer

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Aside from the discussion of the usefulness of a navy blazer, can I get some insight from Forum members regarding where, currently are some good deals on navy blazers on the Internet? To qualify my question, what, if anything, under $300 is out there. I'm open to "fused crap", full canvas, whatever. I need it as a gift. What about Lands' End, etc.? Thanks.
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There are a ton on eBay.  If you've got a consignment store in your neighborhood, look there too.  I bought an Oxxford navy blazer in perfect condition for $30 at my local consignment store.
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About 41 or 42 regular.  Shoulder width 19 inches, back down from bottom of collar about 31.5 inches. No consignment stores in my area...
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Not a blazer but very nice sport jacket with similar coloring: black: Really cheap: nice, with ticket pocket:
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I don't like the cut Land's End has at all, and you'll probably get an excellent deal on ebay if you keep looking for a month or so. I just got a lovely Chester Barrie blazer from A Harris a few days ago - spent about $135 totally, with minor alterations ( sleeve shortened, taken in at the waist). If you have some time, I'd really recommend the ebay route.
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Thanks. I don't know how I missed the Polo cashmere blazers.
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I like a traditional blue blazer so I don't think the Land's End one's are too bad. You also might want to check out Jos. A Banks, they have several for under $300. Jos. A Banks Bradford
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You can buy Brooks navy blazers on ebay for $20 or so all day long...
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Funny you ask this today, I 've been searching for a nvy blazer for a while and today I picked one up in 100% Cashmere from Purple Label. I'll post some pics when I get it back from the tailor. The sleeves came w/o buttons attached.
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I'm considering buying a navy blazer myself. I tried this navy blazer last week with: Two buttons. Side vents. Antique brass plain buttons (very beautiful). There is one thing though, it has only three sleeve buttons. The rules say it should have four. How acceptable is that? Why do they do the most expensive jackets with four buttons and the lower priced ones with three? Is it because the manufactorers don't want to give you the right style for reasonable money?
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That's not a hard and fast rule; plenty of odd jackets have three or fewer buttons. I've seen a fair number of suit jackets with two buttons, and they weren't all '80s oddities.
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Oh yes, if the blazer has side vents, please let me know. I've got some good leads from the Forum members...keep them coming.
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