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Typical Worn areas in suits

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Hi--Ive noticed on some of my Oxxford suit jackets ,especially the partially lined ones,that the strip of lining over the rear center the vent seems to constantly get separated via broken or loose stitching.I've seen this on approximately half of my 10 year old suits.Is this a common weakness in all suits or just Oxxford?It seems to be a common problem.I thought these were supposed to be durable.Also,the tack stitching at the edge of pants pockets seem to wear on Kiton trousers,and on a few Oxxfords.Anyone else notice this sort of wear?
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On trousers, the crotch area and the pocket edges tend to wear the fastest due to friction with the opposing leg or your hands. The seat can also develop a shine or pilling if you sit on leather or abrasive surfaces often. dan
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Are you surprised? I'm sure wearing anything for 10 years or so is going to show wear, Oxxford or not. As for me, the elbows of my jackets wear out the fastest.
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Yea,come to think of it,the center vent to some of my favorite overcoats exhibit that sort of wear.Oh well,I guess these garments don't go on forever.I think the shine on some of my blazers is simply from being mashed against the hard surface of a desk.
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Most of my Oxxford clothes quickly need these repairs. SUITS: The Bemberg strip lining the center slit, threads become loose. Other Bemberg lining on the jackets gets loose. Middle button gets loose. Arm shields need resewing. Oxxford label yellow thread gets loose on its own or at the part where the pen wears on it. SLACKS: Crotch lining gets loose Front pockets split at the seam where my hand goes in to the pocket (until I remember to stop keeping my hands in my pocket) Rear pocket bottons get loose So why is this? Is this a problem with all quality hand-sewn suits?
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Yes, many items in a handmade suit can come apart. I have found that the lining at the armhole and at the vent is a weak spot. My trusted, former salesman at Turnbull pointed-out that although handwork can be beautiful, in many cases machine work is stronger.
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Aha--Yes- Testament to the fact that some of the most beautiful things in life are not necessarily the most durable things.[b]
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I've had buttons go loose fairly regularly. And some of my coat linings had become badly worn around the inner hip pockets (my wallet and phone are kept in these respective pockets). Aside from that, just shine on trouser seat and elbows.
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6 year old thread
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I cannot remember where it was, exactly, but I recently saw some photos of Prince Michael of Kent somewhere here on the forum: his jacket was very much distressed at the front below the bottoms but not on the sleeves or arms where one would expect such wear...maybe he likes to indulge himself in autoerotic practices, I thought. So: it depends...
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