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Long legs on demin?

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I was checking out some jeans the other day and ran across some Calvin Kleins that were extremely long. I've seen these before a few times and don't really know what the deal is with them. Are you supposed to get these pants tailored? I've never heard of anyone taking demin to a tailor to be fitted. Eric
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I think you are supposed to flip them up like a rockabilly, or a "fashionable" dude from a year or so ago.
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How long? Maybe j's right, but premium denim makers, especially in the past few years, have been making jeans with set inseam lengths (look at bluefly, a lot of jeans have variable waists with the same inseam). This has been discussed before, but hemming jeans is not uncommon. Sometimes hemming works, sometimes the denim is so finished/treated it's difficult. I wear a 34 or 36, 30-31 length jean. I have a pair of sevens I got hemmed, and they look fine. I looked at a pair of PDCs with whiskers at the back of the knees, and even if I had them hemmed, the whiskers would have been on my calves. A tailor can even maintain the original hem, or so it seems.
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The pair I was trying on was very similiar in fit to these Cavalli's These are rediculously long. Eric
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If you have a style number I might be able to help you out.
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Aha. The conundrum is solved. And the day is mine.
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I, for one, welcome our rediculously long limbed alien-human hybrid overlords.
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I usually take my demin to be hemmed. I have never had a problem once i found a good tailor to do it. Just ask to use the original hemm and you should be fine. You can't tell that any of my denim has been altertered unless you look at the inside. From what i heard its cheaper for designers to make once length in denim than have a larger size run in length so they just went with the larger size to accomidate more people and us shorter folk have to pay the extra $7 for alterations.
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