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(Roy @ 17 Dec. 2004, 08:08) The Berluti Club Olga 2 Either exactly like shown shown above or in the following colour: I haven seen beautiful Plain Oxfords from Santoni. But I can't find a picture of them on the internet. Very sleek, very stylish. In black of course. And I would like a pair of black ankle boots by Santoni.
I would look at some of the "after" pictures on the Japanese shoe websites to see how that Venezia leather ages... It can get a bit wrinkly even if treed.  For less money I would call in a special order to Edward Green, who can do you a shoe that fits exactly (as opposed to Berluti's one-width per shoe design), can be customized with last and detailing to resemble Berlutis closely, and only improves with age.
The Club Olga 2 only is sold as a bespoke shoe. It is not possible to pick it up in a store. But I think shoes like these indeed don't age very well. I have seen similar shoes by Santoni, but they seemed a bit 'wrinkly' while still in the store.
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Ouch... mentioning Prada and leather quality in the same sentence w/o a negative modifier should cause some controversy here
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EG Dover in dark oak antique on the 606 last
I agree on the dark oak Dover on the 606 and get good use out of mine. I'm also partial to the Weston demi-chasse in dark brown: Third is probably a monk of some kind and am leaning towards the EG Westminster but haven't pulled the trigger yet...
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My favorite shoes are the Alden Fan shoes from Alden of Carmel (www.Alden-of-Carmel ) as follows: 1-Whiskey and mahogany shell cordovan saddle blucher 2-Square toe six eyelet blucher oxford in black shell cordovan 3-Norwegian six eyelet front square toe blucher oxford
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I love the look of the Weymouth in an antiqued cognac. A classic black cap toe. A pair of loafers, probably a penny, brown or cordovan. It's difficult to pick the perfect three as I start to think of "the most versatile" shoes. I get a lot of use from my plain toe, scotch grain, cognac, Vibram-soled, 6 eyelet Ferragamos. And I think everyone should own a pair of brown suede shoes. Mine are Church's wingtips (bought well before I ran across TSF) For sheer beauty, see Mr. Harris' post.
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Borrelli sprit-toe norwegion welt.
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1) Dark brown calfskin, perforated balmoral captoe 2) Whiskey shell cordovan, norwegian front, monk strap 3) Tan pebble grain, double soled, long wing blucher
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I read this string and am trying to use this to update my shoe quality to match my suits. I have 3 suits: Navy Brooks Brothers; Grey Bernini; and black Bernini. (I wear suits 1-2 days per week) This is very pathetic but I have: Bostonian black toecap; Bally burgundy Monk toecap which is probably outdated. Do I ditch both? Most of the shoe recommendations are tan, brown, burgundy. With this suit selection, not sure what to do regarding color. Any further help would be great. Chuck
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Well, IMO, the building block for any shoe collection is the black captoe. After that, a nice cognac color would be very versatile - a good combination of tan and burgundy. After that it's what you want, more than what you need.
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