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Barneys New York Warehouse Sale

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It might be too early to ask this question, but I am seriously considering whether I should go to NYC for it next February(is it around that time?) because it seems to be such a New York event.   Is there anyone who has some or even lots of experience with it, and could kindly give me some advice?  Or maybe there have already been some old threads about this issue?  By the way, I am mostly interested in brands on the third floor of Barneys Madison Avenue store rather than those conservative labels.   Thanks for any help.
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How far away from NYC are you?
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You need to be there on the 1st day to get anything from the 3rd floor, and even then the prices are probably on par with the last round of markdowns in the Mad Ave location. Otherwise, expect 50-60% and no better.
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Unless you live in the northeast (and even then) I really don't think it's worth it to make a trip to the Barney's warehouse sale. New York, however, is always worth a visit.
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if you're there early, you can find some gems. i don't know if i'd make a trip to nyc around the event, though, if it was inconvenient.
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Just go to the actual Barneys right after Christmas. In my experience, very seldom is the markdown at the warehouse sale any better than the 50% they offer in-store on everything excepting staples (jeans, in particular) and new arrivals.
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yeah, those types of markdowns happen in the winter and summer and have been going on for the past couple of weeks already. when the first markdown hits (like 30%) most of the great stuff gets snatched. everything in normal sizes has already disappeared from what i could tell two days ago. actually, the jeans are all heavily discounted right now . for example, levi's premiums for $59.
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Levi's Premiums and some Reds and fashion denim (some Diesel gets discounted. But unless they've changed their markdown system, stuff like Paper Denims and Sevens never get marked down, and Helmut Lang jeans only intermittently.
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2nd round of markdowns started at Barneys on 12/15. You should check it out now, I spotted a nice Costume National Blazer (3rd floor) for $380 marked down from $900 something. As for warehouse, it is usually a waste of time, and the pricepoints are better at the Barneys store (during final clearance) than at Warehouse. I usually only go during the last week/days of warehouse when markdowns are around 80% or so.
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Thank all you guys for those helpful information.  I guess @riss must be right.  Most good stuff are probably sold out immediately once the general sale gets started.  I was in New York on Thanksgiving weekend, I had thought that it must be a good time for shopping.  But it didn't look like that for stores like Barneys or Jeffrey, not even for Saks.  There's hardly anything marked down at that time.  And then about one week after I came home, I called Barneys to check a mid-length coat from Veronique Branquinho.  The sales associate told me it's 40% off, but there's only one of size 54 (tag size) left.  I asked about several other items based on my vague memories, and then all of them were either sold out or had only odd sizes available. So what's the best time for shopping in New York if I want to find good things while still saving some money?  Could anyone give me some ideas?
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