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Sale info. obnoxious? helpful?

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Do you appreciate it when I, or someone else, posts sales or sample sale information on the forum? I don't tend to get many responses on topics related to particular events or sales, but I sort of developed the mantra that "friends don't let friends pay retail". I thought the Hanro underwear thread was appropriate since people had chatted about the merits of the stuff sometime after Xmas. Recently, I thought to include the city title in the post so as not to waste ppl's time. my 2 cents norcal
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It is much appreciated.
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Agreed, much appreciated. I've picked up a number of items at far below retail that I would have missed otherwise. In that vein, there's an Allen Edmonds trunk show in NYC next week (5/5). I don't know if it's an opportunity to get anything at below retail, but on the chance that it is, I'm mentioning it. dan
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I agree. It's not like it takes up a bunch of resources or anything, and it could help people. Putting as much info in the topic and "topic description" field is a good idea so people can easily skip it if it doesn't apply.
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It's great info IMO.
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I also agree, especially if the store, city, and if necessary brand, is in the title.
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very helpful
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Great to hear the positive response... Anyways, if someone comes across a place where I can get some sporty slacks for cheap (Co-Op, Theory, Paul Smith, Etro, Agnes B) in NYC, feel free to give a shout. matt
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Quite helpful -- even better are the reviews of anyone who goes. For example, knowing if the Barneys warehouse sale is good helps me decide whether to make much of an effort. Btw Norcal, try Camouflage (Eighth Ave and 17th Street), especially around sale season. They carry Paul Smith, Etro, Helmut Lang, etc. Btw, there are two Camouflages basically next to each other so don't miss either one.
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