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Message on Jantzen Website

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This is now posted on the Jantzen website. Hopefully this means that we who wait will wait not much longer.... Announcement: Due to overwhelming demand for our Made-to Measure shirt through our website, we are now working on the backlog orders. We apologize that we are not able to accept any New/Repeat orders of shirt before 21st December 2004. Please visit our site again. We take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support.
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Ricky should probably consider making a donation to this site. I have no doubt we are greatly responsible for the increased business he has received. Guess I'll have to wait a while longer before getting up the nerve to order a shirt. Bradford
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I think this is a good idea on Ricky's part, but does it mean he is going to disregard all orders that are sent before the 21st?
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It'd be nice if they got started on my orders from back in June, July, and August, but I'm not expecting that to happen. I guess I'll try again on the 21st
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My Jantzen shirts have all died except two. Poorly made. And the fit is only mediocre, which is sad considering they fit better than almost all my other shirts. -tom
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tom> I am a little puzzled because my experience with Jantzen is vastly different from yours. I own probably more than 20 shirts from Jantzen, the first dating from about 15 months ago. Every one has gone through at least a few washes (some 'favourite' ones have gone through more) and is still serving me well. In fact, not a single button has fallen off or a seam thread come loose. The thing is I do not even take special care when laundering my shirts - they basically go into my domestic washing machine with other like colours.
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I agree re: the shirts. I've had nothing but good quality. One top button is "loose," but only because it was shanked a bit loosely. It isn't going to fall off. I bet my most worn Jantzen shirt has gone through 8 washes in 3 months. It is just as good as it was after wash number 1.
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what is the jantzen website?
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google is your friend
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It'd be nice if they got started on my orders from back in June, July, and August, but I'm not expecting that to happen.  I guess I'll try again on the 21st
I would expect that Ricky still plans to fulfill orders placed this summer and that these are part of the backlog. I am waiting on a big order placed at the end of August and if it has been canceled or deleted that will be the end of my relationship with Jantzen. Is anyone else still waiting on orders placed in August (or earlier)?
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thanks, I tried jantzen and got a defunct site.
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cool, pretty good prices and nice selection of fabrics.
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Wow these shirts are only $38? Very cheap.
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Honestly, the price is phenomenal, the fit is close to excellent. My biggest problem seems to be with the sleeves, the cuff falls off and the elbows blow out. Perhaps my sleeves are just not long enough? When I bend my arms, they definitely pull at bit at the wrist and elbow, but my RTW shirts have the same length sleeve and don't have that problem. I don't know, maybe I just have to get one shirt 'bespoke', and send it to Ricky for duplication. -Tom
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Perhaps the sleeves are too tight? I don't have any of the problems to which you are referring, and I self-consciously reduce my wrist measurement by .25" to get a slightly snugger fit in the cuffs.
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