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Shoe bags

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I was wondering if anyone knows if Grensons makes a shoe bag and if so where could i buy one. I know allen edmonds does but i would like to match the shoe bag to my shoes (easier to tell them apart) if at all possible.
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Grenson will be glad to sell you shoe bags. I contacted them awhile ago about it and the price was pretty reasonable. If there was ever a candidate for a group buy shoe bags from Grenson might be it.
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Can i ask how much you paid?
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I haven't ordered any yet, but I was planning to. Really, I was waiting until the New Year when cash might be a little looser. It seems like it was $10 or so for a pair (I need two pairs), but I lost that email in a computer crash and would have to contact them again. I simply emailed them off their website.
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Feel like making some?.?.? Martha Stewart to the rescue.
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We should have a shoe bag making party. Thank God for Martha, what a gal.
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My wife actually did make me a pair last year out of a flannel rather than a velvet. They're quite nice. She used my Alden bags as a guide rather than Martha's instructions. It's easier and cheaper to buy them, I think.
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