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Tailor in Toronto

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I have some suits I want to have altered (shorten the sleeves, take in the waist of a jacket etc.). Anyone have any recommendations? How much do you typically pay to have the waist taken in of a suit jacket? I'm in Mississauga but anything in the GTA would be great. Thanks gents.
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The best tailor in Missisaugua is Classic Fit. They do leather alterations for Harry Rosen. They are bit pricy. They are located in Square One.
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I use Paul's Alterations on Bathurst south of the 401. No bad experiences in about 4 years.
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I live in the downtown area, and my suggestions include alteration shops in close proximity to the main subway stations. First: Younge Custom Tailor (north of Englinton subway station) 2487 Younge Street Phone: 416-483-4071 Her name is Yolanda, she's chinese from Hong Kong (originally). I altered my suit jacket two weeks ago with very good results. I have narrow+slopped shoulders, which gives my jackets a visible dent right after the sleeve head. She cut the edge of the jacket's body (shoulder) and attached the sleeve again, resulting in a more natural shoulder. Also, shortened the sleeve and took in the waist. I tried that with my cheapest and worst suit, just to see how it would work in the future. Now, I'am going to wear this suit like one of my favorites. So, all in all good alteration work. Just, be careful in the beginning to explain to her in plain English, and use gestures and pictures if neccesary. Her English is challenging. Also, make sure you are clear on how much she'll charge for it. Second: There is this Dry-cleaning store just a block south of the first one. It's called Mesmerising + something. You have to talk to the lady at the counter to get a hold of the tailor: she is in usually during the week days. Good work, but not always reachable. Third: Again, right at the Eglinton subway stop, on the west-south side of the intersection (where Bank of Montreal branch is), there is Tony's Tailor Shop. It's located on the second floor of the building. He doesn't work Saturdays and Sundays. These, have been my best experiences so far. I spent a lot of time in the last months trying to locate some tailors for custom suits and good alterations. These have been good to me so far.
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