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Has anyone tried or had experience with this new supplement? I wanted to get some first-hand information before I shelled out $100.
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Nitrous oxide? Is that what yer talking about? What on earth costs $100?
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I tried it and saw absolutely no effect. I did not get the continuous pump... did not get any stronger... did not get increased sexual stamina... etc. Maybe it will work for you, but it was a waste of $100 for me. If you're dead set on trying it, don't buy it at GNC. Go to and look at the NO supplements they have, it'll be a lot cheaper. Bradford
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... did not get increased sexual stamina... etc.
This will not make you stronger in the muscle sense, but it will give you extra-strength stamina, Androz-100, and easily obtainable on the internet for as low $1.38 per pill....but you did not hear it from me...
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'round these parts, there's plenty of NO 2 to be had by just breathing. And it lends such a lovely brown color to the horizon, as well...
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From some of the research I have done, it is pretty much a waste of money. But, what are you trying to do? You trying to bulk, cut, tone? And no, bulking and cutting cannot be done to great effectiveness at the same time. If you are looking to bulk, I can tell you about 5 different things that will do that for you. All legal at this point, some more risky than others but a hell of a lot cheaper. Kevin
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Thanks for the information
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Ummm. are you talking about NOS? If you are it works but only if you take it right. I took it gained 5 pounds while i was on it. Not really that expensive if you get it from vitamin world and have a savings passport. You should take it a half hour before you lift on an empty stomach. Then you should take it before you go to bed. It usally takes two weeks to start working but once it does you do get an increased pump that last after your done lifting. For those it didn't work for chances are you didn't take it right, cause i know all my friends who have taken it the ones who said it didn't work initially were not taking it correctly. You really only want to talk it if you are bulking up. Its not what you want for cutting. If you really want to bulk up i recommend androstene, i've never taken it myself but have to friends who are body builders gain a lot of weight on it and swear by it. Its only about $100 a cycle which is not to bad at all.
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$20 per pound of muscle gained seems pretty expensive but to each his own. It might be easier to test it for yourself by taking 5 grams of Arginine which converts in the body to NO2. I'm also very surprised that it did nothing for sexual arousal as NO2 is the same process used by Viagra for erections. Ingesting excessive amounts of arginine can result in leaky bowels although I have zero problems with 5 grams. 10 grams, on the other hand, might be an issue. Regards, CT
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