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Great shoes, need translation

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I stumbled on the pages below on Dang do the Japanese have access to some great shoes. Anyway, I am intrigued by these, but Googles beta version of Japanese/English is a very weak alpha at best. Any idea: a) who makes each, b) what the model is called. Any other details from the japanese would be appreciated. 1. 2. 3. (alright, the latter is a little fey, but great toe box, nonetheless) Thanks in advance. Rob
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Fascinating. I am not sure what to match the bow with.
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Be careful for what you wish... 1. In the extent which wears the alligator leather pitch pressing a figure leather of new development and is packed to "real". 1984, brand and ? ? which are born with the Italy Toscana state Elba island. To use the high-class leather by the tannin tanning (tanning to which tannin and the like of plant uses solvent), to that double As for the leather small article which is arranged with the hand stitch the craft impression you joke distantly and with the superexcellence design to which the impression is compatible beautifully, popularity is high especially. And, it is the saw to such material and manufacturing method and it does the design characteristic which extremely, is superior low to also the collection of the shoes. The photograph is attached, the fly namely is difficult to be divided into fly front tailoring reason, but they are the side elastic boots where it can provide the gore in & out both step. This season, the same brand new has developed the product of pressing a figure leather such as elephant leather wind and hippopotamus leather wind, "Dallas" adopting the wind leather which becomes even with these shoes. Being something which administers pitch pressing a figure to the buffalo leather which can do the double tanning of the tannin tanning and the chrome tanning (tanning which uses metal type solvent), when you embezzle, it is the leather of the new development that the feeling where the paragraph of mottle comes up densely, is close with ??? it is and becomes. In addition, also the shoes itself with new design, ?? put out the spring to round it raised and, in addition to the detail of 3 cm high stylish heel lifts and combination sole etc. of the rubber × leather whose practicality is high, can meet and become raw and do the sewing thread, also the craft impression this brand of seeming is produced. By the way with ? ?, you say that we want adjusting these shoes to the underpants of the denim and the flannel. If certainly, such coordination it is unique, but there is no setback standing, the refined foot probably will be completed. ? ? Color:Brown ? manufacturing method 81,900 Yen (including tax) Inquiry ? ? TEL.078-391-6647
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2. It tried wearing ? ?. This corner it becomes matter of concern which the dressy net finds with the shop, "the mono" pickup doing, it introduces. 1st time side race/lace of ? ? which is found at the large happy shoes store of Kanda is to plain. On the basis of English orthodox group style the Italian gloss ? ? the beautiful dress shoes where plus it did. As for the shoes of ? ? adjusting to the model, freely using various technologies with feature, as for this model although being Goodyear, the structure where the hand that is packed it makes push up in order to raise the arch part just there in ?. When you wear, with the preeminent wearing kind of feeling which wraps the heel from the extent earth not stepping on which becomes, to this quality as for this price that the extent which becomes worry whether it becomes trading. The occasion where some days ago ? ? visits Japan, there was an opportunity where Hojo which is the owner of the large happy shoes store meets to this person it has been said so, the person "by his only thing about of 3 it does from among 2 10 still at the time of the shoes making," that saying, it probably will do, is. Hojo which hears this story exceeding 70 years old, furthermore you spoke that you struck heart in the attitude which continues to progress. Side race/lace of the existence impression sufficient black which is introduced here is easy to wear, at the large happy shoes store shape being clean from the time before, "the meaning of being it probably does with very the shoes which ? seem" as fixed turn handling being, recent times are with the other shop almost not to handle. Normally being tend, to become the ? ? ? I who do not wear the black shoes excessively am the feeling that "the variety use it may". Price: 78,750 Yen (including tax) Ahead inquiring: Large happy shoes store TEL.03-3292-0704
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Noble ??? which genius which creates the delicate beauty of the extremity manages There was no meson where the ? (1990 establishment) extent Japanese landing of Paris is expected. Because delicate beauty the shoes of ? ?? (custom-made) which it masters were legendary existence. That 2003, the only shop is opened in the start-up and also Tokyo south Aoyama of pre- tare in "" of complete respective company production, it meant that the beauty shoes of vision display whole aspect. ? of the owner learns the shoes making from 17 years old, experiencing the lower layer seeing 7 years. Furthermore After polishing the arm in the John lob, 5 years, the custom-made patsy is served with ???. Whether from the forum of the wooden form which is used in ???another you obtain the genius of that same person. The side edge which becomes ??? (mind of bill of eagle) it was effective, the unlimited being connected where being elegant to the last, curved line of these 3 dimensions weaves the west line which to a little pointed square is beautiful excessively, is hard squeezed and forms peer is not elegance is actualized. Of course, it has materialized either the center elastic "001MA" of the calf suede of the photograph and, without doing the aesthetics of such sweetly. If the noble satin ribbon which makes the opera pumps think is suitable in dress rise with the party and exchanges to circular ?? of the cotton of attachment, it matches to also the casual looks elegantly. And preponderantly it is beautiful, you probably can call this proportion the charm which it is difficult to replace to what. Furthermore, as for manufacturing method Goodyear. O bell Jin-Woo (Bordeaux) of the smooth leather, there is same ?? (green) in other things. Also the shoe tree belongs. 157,500 Yen (including tax) Inquiry Tokyo main office TEL.03-3407-0611
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HA HA HA. It's cheap laughs, but that is the funniest thing I've seen in days. I love poor translation.
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Engrish courtesy WorldLingo. SF didn't like the characters that wouldn't translate. Hey, it's a start... Tom
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<tears in my eyes>.......I like the bit about having to polish John Lob's arm......heehee......
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I don't really have time to translate the whole thing.  The author seems very interested in describing the way the shoes are made. 1. made by Henry Beguelin locaed on Elbe Island in the Italian province of Tuscany. The model name doesn't seem to be listed. There is a telephone number for the manufacturer TEL.078-391-6647.  The author waxes about the fact that this leather is treated to look like crock, but it isn't.  Apparently the maker also has leather tol look like elephand and hippo. 2.  Enzo Bonafe side lace up plain toe. YOu can purchase the shoe at a shoe shop in Tokyo. The author suggests that most other shops do not carry this model. Bic (Edited thanks to Mr. Harris.)
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Probably Henry Beguelin and Enzo Bonafe.
post #11 of 11 about Lost in Translation. I could ask my mom to give it a crack if you guys want something a bit less...comical. koji
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