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There is an ad in today's New York Times for "Napolicrea, Hand Made in Italy" being run by the Campania Region Office of New York, saying that it was opening today at 6:30 p.m and would be running through January 15, 2005 at 4 East 54th Street, 4th Floor. It lists: Andreano, Aprile, Ascione, Attolini, Cortis, De Christofaro, Isaia, Marinella, Tramontano and it says "with the participation of Kiton." The listed web site: "" does not work. What is this? A fashion show? Clothing on sale? Anyone know?
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Ken it works, but you have to put the www. in front Beautiful tie and jacket
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i just's an exhibition..unfortunately not for sale(or better yet, samples)
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It is a trade show--reps for each brand will be there for the opening only. Nothing for sale, but I am sure the items on display will be wonderful and the women charming. Anyone know about de cristofaro shoes?
post #5 of 6 is still up, but is this venture still ongoing?
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I will check it out with ICE (pronounced EE-CHE in English) the Italian Trade commission and find out... will report back...
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