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Originally Posted by montecristo#4 View Post
Mine will look like this:

Ah yes, the one ring to rule her all.

Is comfort fit really a big deal? What are the advantages? Are non-comfort fit rings uncomfortable to wear?

No, not at all. The difference is in taking them off and putting them on. In normal wear, if your ring fits, you will not notice a difference. My good friend is a goldsmith and has discouraged me from changing mine for this reason.

Originally Posted by bmulford View Post
And whatever you do - DO NOT get 18k+ gold for her ring. The metal is way to soft, and will drop that nice diamond that cost more than your car, into the gutter.

Amen braddah!

Originally Posted by robin View Post
The inside edges are rounded off and most people find them more comfortable. If you have a non-comfort ring, I believe it is possible to have it easily turned into one.

Yes, but see my response above as to when most people find them comfortable.

Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post

Your precious?
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Originally Posted by JeffsWood View Post
I have a very simple white gold band. I picked it because I figured it was plain enough that it would be "timeless". The fact it looks pretty much just like my Dads probably also played a role on a subconscious level.

What the hell happened to your index finger? Smash it with a hammer?
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Originally Posted by Jenaimarr View Post
What the hell happened to your index finger? Smash it with a hammer?

that's what I was thinking....looks painful as hell....
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Hey Shikar,

The watch is a Sinn EZM1. It has a Lemania 5100 movement, titanium case, left-handed crown and is argon filled. It is the best tool watch I have ever worn.

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Platinum with a traditional wheat pattern. It almost matches my wife's rings.

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We have plain Iridium bands. Harder than platinum- similar color but not as blueish.
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Mine's titanium w/an 18k gold center, hers 18k w/diamonds (sorry bmulford, although I expect you were referring to larger diamond solitaire rings). I'd certainly get a comfort fit if it's an option.
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My fiance just got my ring. I had no idea she was even looking. I had never worn rings of any kind before and she nailed it first time with this:

Simple and elegant and I can't feel it when it's on. Couldn't be any happier with it. Something about the weight, color and simplicity of the design just looks and feels right.
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furry fingers!
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I have a plain platinum band, 5mm with comfort fit. Wouldn't change it for anything else, though it has definitely gotten tons of scratches- not really noticeable, but still there.
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I have a platinum band by the German firm Niessing. Can't find a stock photo of it, but it matches my wife's Niessing ring in terms of material, finish, and the hard edges (though not as thick as hers):

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I've got a 6mm comfort fit palladium ring. Palladium is about half the weight of platinum, a quarter the price, and you don't have to get it rhodium plated every few years like you do with white gold. It looks very similar to platinum, being in the same metal family. It was introduced as a jewelry metal in the 30's and 40's since platinum was being reserved for the war efforts. I'm actually very happy I chose palladium.
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i have a two tone wedding band:

white gold with yellow gold trim. i have a 8pt diamond in the center and an inscription on the inside which reveals an inside joke i share with my wife. (and she has one inscribed to me as well on hers)
not gaudy at all like some of you may think, it is very discrete looking as naturally most bands are small anyways.

i have thought about platinum, but did not like how all my friends' platinum rings got all dull and scratched up.

mine still holds up shiny even with tons of scratches.
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Simple Platinum. Nothing fancy that stands out. Almost 6 years for me and it still looks great. Link here The wife took a slightly different route, one that I have consigned to the 'horrible memory' part of my brain.
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Originally Posted by millionaire75 View Post
....Did you smack it witha hammer....that's what I was thinking....looks painful as hell....

Yes I was installing hardwood floor in our house. You swing a hammer enough times and sooner or later you'll miss. It looks worse then it felt.
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