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When I trade in my current motorcycle I will be getting a Ducati 848..... Originally I wanted to trade it in for a Monster but after riding the 848 I was sold.
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Originally Posted by DarkNWorn View Post
I've been thinking about a Ducati Monster Dark 6xx for a while now. One day...

When I was 22, I promised myself I would buy a Ducati Monster for myself when I turned 30, if I wasn't married or in a serious relationship.

I'm 31. No Ducati. But in a serious relationship.
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duc 1098.

There isn't anything really upgradable for the ninja 250, but its a great beginner bike that doesn't depreciate much. Worth noting that it has been finally redesigned after a decade or more of looking a bit ridiculous. Its actually quite sharp now, if you like kawi.
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I'm happy with my 1971 BMW R75/5...
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While I putt-putt around campus on my uber-manly 50cc Vespa ET2, I dream of moving up one day to an MV Agusta Brutale:

or an MV Agusta F4

... but the realistic next bike before I ever graduate to a superbike will be a Kawasaki W650: all the style of the classic triumphs with the reliability of modern japanese bikes.
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I like my "flying brick" -- 1989 BMW K100RS

I am not sure what else I would ride, given any choice -- probably something wildly different, like a V-Max
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i've been liking the triumph triple a lot lately...but a sportsbike guy @ heart (evident in my username), i'd be content with a RC51....i've always wanted one....that or 1098R.
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I've always wanted to try a Liter bike, 1000RR or R1 (These are a lot taller than I pictured when at a dealer and I'm about 5'11"). I currently ride a 600cc Daytona and it scares me enough.
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This looks interesting: ( I hope they make a go of it this time)

but I'd probably get one of these for a daily driver: ( Triumph Rocket III)

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I'm looking at picking up a Suzuki Boulevard 109R in the spring. My brother has one, and although he has blown the driveshaft twice, and the shifting is a little heavy, it goes like hell and makes a lot of noise.

The pipes, lights, and wheels would need replacing pretty quickly though.

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Originally Posted by slipperywhenwet View Post

To be perfectly honest, I hate the look of these. Its like someone decided that the already cartoonish "cruiser" bike needed more crap stuck all over it... ugh.

I'm sure they are fun to ride and all, but really not my thing.
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didn't know you were a bike person Slim
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Originally Posted by m@T View Post
didn't know you were a bike person Slim

Rode briefly (and illegally) in HS. I plan on actually learning how and getting licensed this time around.

It makes a lot of sense, considering that gas is never going to get any cheaper, and I like to make a cross-state trip every few weeks or so.
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ya you can do evil road trips with J once in a while. Glad to hear the cross state issue resolved itself in due course.
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I need to turn the box of assorted xs650 bits I have into something that runs.... Not a fan of modern sport bikes...
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