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Black jeans

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Like 'em? Wear 'em? What brands and models?
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I'm not a fan. I think they look dull, and don't fade well. It's easy to find really dark blue jeans that I think look much better if you're after a dark jean.
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I don't like them and have gotten nothing but negative reactions from women when they are brought up. I'll stay away.
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Can't seem to even try them. But, then again, most of the people around my parts wear tapered leg, black Levis with their going out on the town Harley t-shirt.
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I've noticed more people wearing them who look like they know what they're doing, but I'm still hesitant about them. There's been some alright black washes from diesel and, I think, Varvatos, and Costume National. I'm not as up on designer denim as others. Anyway, the Varvatos ones I saw I would definitely consider wearing, for a change of pace. Stay away from acid-washed black 501s, though, and the diesel euro-90s washes. I'd agree if you're going for dark and dressy, v dark blue would work better and not curl any upper lips. Always dug the corny Michael Penn song "No Myth."
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Not a fan of black jeans - sorry. Bradford
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I am not a fan of the overdye black denim. However, the black denim that has been washed down a bit can look pretty cool, if the wash is done well. But, it has hard to do that wash well. I prefer a dark blue denim over black.
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Black jeans are okay but not the dark, dressy variety or the acid wash one. It is considered to be a trendy colour recently so I expect some good offerings from the brands mentioned in the forum.
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They're not all that versatile (kinda have to go w/the artsy or indie deal in black jeans), but brown shoes and belt will make them look a hell of a lot better in any situation. No black shoes w/black jeans.
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I personally don't wear them. But I'll wear really dark blue/black jeans like the now defunct black Sunkist wash by Paper Denim, and I have seen some cool distressed true black jeans by Dior Homme. Definitely not to be worn tight or tapered or with anything but basic sneakers though, (I'm talking something like Adidas Samoas), and definitely not to be worn with anything else black (shirt, belt, shioes, jacket, etc...) unless you want to look like the most tragic fashion casualty since 1985 and holding onto the title still. No white hightops either (despite what Hedi thinks) unless you are actually in 1985.
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Funny you should ask about black jeans. I have two pair (both Levi's): one I got for Christmas 2 years ago (and may never have worn); the other is 20 years old (and wear probably a handful of times a year). They're nicely faded to a charcol and quite soft to the touch, as you might imagine from their age, but I keep (and wear) them more out of sentiment than anything else. In the early to mid '80s in Boston, black jeans ruled. I must admit they seem rather dated now. I put them on for extremely casual wear, typically with plaid shirts that incorporate black or gray in the design. The blue jeans I have of the same vintage get much more wear (and presumably as a consequence have acquired a powder blue color and velvety hand). And I confess to some pride, in my mid-40s to be able to wear jeans I had in college.
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I didn't use to like black jeans until I bought a pair. Now I have found them to be quite versatile. I agree that they are not good with other black clothes - but I wear them a lot with brown/red/light blue(trickier) casual shirts and sportcoats. I usually wear with some variety of a brown lace-up. I strongly disagree with wearing them with sneakers - perhaps because I believe sneakers should be worn only on the court. I have found them to be slightly, but ever so slightly, dressier than blue jeans. I refuse to weak cotton pants (due to wrinkly nature) and think that black jeans fit nicely in their place. I probably wouldn't wear them however, if my closet of 2 dozen Zanella wool pants were even close to fitting Black jeans are much cheaper
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you definitely see the artsy/hipster crowd in faded black jeans. the look can be very cool with a pair of checked vans and a v-neck hanes, for instance. helmut lang consistently puts them out and jude law is photographed wearing the dior homme version that LA Guy mentions. however, LA Guy, he's wearing them extremely tight and with a black t-shirt on top. it looks pretty cool, i don't know what the footwear was, but if you put a pair of white converse all-stars with that i'd imagine it'd look good.
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however, LA Guy, he's wearing them extremely tight and with a black t-shirt on top. it looks pretty cool, i don't know what the footwear was, but if you put a pair of white converse all-stars with that i'd imagine it'd look good.
If you are a rock star, you could rock them with distressed white loafers too (check out the back cover of the Velvet Revolver CD.) And yes, lots of artsy/hipster/DJ types are wearing them these days. However, point is that most guys can wear a well distressed straight leg pair with sneakers and look pretty good. Maybe even with a casual (i.e. garment washed) black or grey tee. However, veer from this, and *most* guys are going to look pretty tragic. Or German. Not always a good thing.
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In the shops I've been in this week black jeans are nonexistent. So wearing them may be somewhat countercyclical. The local independent boutique (with most priced at around $160--$20 less than NM) I didn't see any black ones. If I see the owner I'll ask her about black jeans. Recently, I just been wearing the faded black Zegna jeans, plus a dark black Versace jean. Otherwise, it's been various indigo jeans.
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