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It seems to me that in order to find a suit jacket in something other than the typical American box cut, you almost have to buy designer. And that the best cuts from those designers are in Europe. Now, I'm a 40R in America and a 50R in Europe, should I search for a 50R on Ebay to find my size jackets in Europe or is American sizing used internationally when selling on Ebay? Or is there some trick any of you know of in order to search for Euro sizing/sellers? Thanks. Eric
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You can use advanced features of the eBay search engine to search for both "40" or "50" at the same time, as people tend to list under a variety of options. The best way to list would be to include both in the heading, but some people don't seem to do this... Some of the best bargains I've had off eBay have been people who neglected to put any sizing information in the header at all, because no-one could find their listing. Write the query in the format: (option1,option2) So the query (zegna,"purple label",brioni) (40,40R,50,50R) would bring up anything listed under Zegna, Purple Label or Brioni, sizes 40R or 50R. Also try omitting the "R", as many people just assume this by default. Hope that helps.
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Most eBay listings appear to use American sizing.  Where European sizing is listed, the corresponding American sizing is generally listed as well. Now stay away from those 40Rs.  
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Thanks guys. Ambulance Chaser, sorry to add to the competion, I'd really like to find some nice 38L but they are a very rare breed. Eric
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You should search by designer for best results. Sometimes the best suits don't even have the sizing in the description and most people will pass them over (i.e. Tom Ford for Gucci charcoal suit in 36r that I got for $110).
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