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I think that they are not looking nice at all. Once I have purchased my furniture from gcwoodworks. I think it is one of the best furnitures I have ever seen. There are so many different types of furnitures, so that we can decorate your house very beautifully.

I hope it will be useful to you.
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I have the Stressless Magic recliner and wanted to share my thoughts. 



This is subjective, but the moment I saw this in the Ekornes catalog, I knew I had to have it. Very contemporary and stylish IMO. Goes really well in my loft with concrete floors.


Comfort & Support:

They weren't kidding when Ekornes says this is the most comfortable Stressless recliner they've ever made. I have a couple of their other recliners already (Taurus and Spirit), but this one is hands down the most comfortable. This has way more padding than the Taurus line, and is more supportive than the Spirit line. The Spirit has extra padding as well, but the back pad on the Spirit is pretty flat. The Magic's back pad as you can see is split in half at an angle that makes your back just sink in while providing great support. Same thing with the bottom cushion. Compared to Spirit, I feel greater lower back and lumber support on the Magic in all positions. Compared to Taurus, it's actually kind of laughable.

Magic makes you feel like you're literally floating on the recliner, and I've fallen asleep on it many times without issues.



This is one overlooked factor when considering Stressless recliners, but one I feel is very important. These recliners aren't cheap, so you want these to last. The Magic has removable cushions on the headrest, backrest, bottom, and ottoman, attached via zipper and velcro. Not only does this make cleaning/conditioning the seating surfaces simpler, this is huge when you think about reupholstery down the road! (Hopefully that's not for many years)

The additional cushions on the Spirit are sewn into the base, so it will be much more expensive and labor intensive to reupholster.

The latest Voyager line also has removable cushions.


Accessory Option:

Not many recliners out there have optional accessories available for it. I have both the Personal PC Table and the Swing Table attached to the Magic and it's like I never want to stand up again. My home office with my nice 27" Apple display sits unused because I now use my computer in my living room on the Magic.


As for the other models I cross-shopped, I've also sat extensively in the Voyager, Blues and Jazz. Voyager and Blues don't have the adjustable headrest so they were nixed, and the Jazz is just an Orion/Taurus with a metal pipe frame and an oversized headrest. Having a Taurus already, I know it won't have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on long-term. Up until purchasing the Magic, the Spirit was my go-to chair due to comfort, but the Spirit line doesn't allow you to use the PC Table and Swing Table with it due to the armrest design.


If you're considering an Ekornes recliner, look no further...the Magic is a beast full of style, comfort, support, and thoughtful features. 

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I got a stressless desk chair for $100 from an estate sale.
it's nice but I'd really like to convert it into a lounge chair. By just removing the wheels the center pole actually hits the ground so that's a no go. Are there any other methods?
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That chair may be many things, but stylish it is not.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

That chair may be many things, but stylish it is not.

Sure looks comfy though!
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:)In my humble opinion as an eclectic home designer, some of their designs are very attractive, some average, some unappealing. The chair featured by the author above is very attractive for someone seeking that 70's look (which can be quite hip when done well). The Manhattan is somewhat attractive but when I first sat in it, it was so exquisitely comfortable I was sold. I have "test-driven" many leather couches, and many are the inverse - good looking but nothing under the hood. Pardon the metaphors!
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We purchased the Ambassador model in late December, 2012, and within 18-months it fell apart.  Very poor response from the company and the store where we bought it.  I'll never buy this brand again.

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