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British/italian/indian woolens and shirt fabrics

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It seems that along with the outsourcing of customer service and programming to India, some companies are now enlisting Indian companies to weave fabric under their names. Manifattura di Valle Brembana(MVB) has a partnership with Morarjee Mills in India to weave cotton shirt fabric up to 120s/2-ply. Reid and Taylor has licensed its name to the Indian company S Kumars. Raymond, an Indian company which I do not think has any agreements with foreign firms, now weaves Super 200s wool - sort of a surprise to many, like Cheil. How is the quality of these goods produced in India? I wonder if MVB sells any of the Indian-woven fabric as part of its export line. Same goes for Ferno, since it is now a part of MVB. MDVB/Ferno/Morarjee Brembana, Reid & Taylor/S Kumars I had the opportunity to see some Indian-woven Reid and Taylor fabrics last summer. They had Super 90s and I think a couple slightly higher numbers, but practically everything was blended with polyester, I assume due to the climate. Raymond Chinese buy most expensive bale of wool: I don't think that protectionism is really the answer, but how much more will they outsource to India? I think that protectionism undermines the concept of comparative advantage to a certain degree, but still...customer service these days is often routed to India, as is medical transcription, software development, even financial analysis which junior analysts did for securities firms. How long can this last? I think that there are hidden costs to outsourcing. If everybody outsources to India what happens? India seemingly has an endless supply of inexpensive labor. An article on companies having second thoughts on outsourcing: I got a call one day from Discover, asking if I would like to add a feature to my account. The guy said his name is David Murphy. He had a thick Indian accent. They tell you that they are in various locations in the USA, but it's obvious they're not. The supposed neutral accents are not so neutral. Supposedly Dell has moved some of its manufacturing jobs back to the USA, though I'm sure the bulk of its manufacturing is still in China.
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A person makes $5 a day in China. Hypotehetically, all our jobs will be offsourced to China, India, and other Third World countries, because corporate america knows that the new international minimum wage is about $250 a month. So, one really needs to have some speical skills in order to keep their current high paying jobs (anything over $250 a month). Legal works and medical diagnosis are beginning to be offsourced now.
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I believe Reid & Taylor was originally a company set up in the British Raj, btw.
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has anybody bought any high end suits 150s to 200s suits from raymonds? or cloth? any comments? also, in india, scabal has a tie-up with grasim and the price of the cloth is quite a bit cheaper than directly from scabal. any good tailoring experiences in india? finally, for shirting - what's the best place to buy in india? and to get a tailored shirt?
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