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stephen - I'm too skinny for XL in most brands except the ones I mentioned above

Arcane - I think the biggest differences in sizes with W+H is seasonal, not V-neck versus U-neck. I own several U-necks from different seasons and they are sized slightly differently.

nyf - good call with S2A, I forgot to mention them. I have two S2A shirts, one is large, one is XL. I would disagree with Abercrombie, D&G or Armani. The OP mentioned he was lean and athletic and those brands tend to lean more towards buff guys.
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I've had luck with J. Crew, both for Ts and polos in XL. They seem to be slimmer than other brands (I'm 6'3" with 42 chest and 34 waist). For undershirts Calvin Klein XL is perfect. Most brands are way to big in arms and body.

What I can't find are casual long sleeve shirts that fit in the arms without being tent-like everywhere else. I wear a 15 1/2 36 (hard enough to find one of those that has long enough sleeves, by the way) and would like to find flannel shirts for winter, seersucker etc. for summer that fit without having to roll up the sleeves.

Any thoughts?
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I once got a free tee shirt, printed on a tee profuced by HTnaturals. The shirt is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton and my favorite thing about it was that it was soft and it never smelled bad. It was also a little stretchy which made it easy to put on and take off. What I didn't like about it though, was that the hem sat at about the top of my thigh (size small). I'm only around 5'7" so I'm sure somebody over 6 feet tall would find this shirt accomodating.
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AA normal shirts are fine for me, but I would check out their summer shirts if I were you -- not only are they lighter-weight, but they're cut both slimmer and longer then their longer shirts. I have one and it feels great (quite thin though, I would be careful if you have big nips or something).
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nobody mentionned kirkland/costco?

theyre long and slim
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get some aa summer shirts they are really long even in sz M. large is super long and fitted.
also try the viscos shirts and 50/50s because they dont shrink
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edit: nvm, bumping old thread fail.
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Arvust is good but the fabric is a little thing. Also the Tall tees by culture kings seem to be a good fit. I'm 6'6 and have a similar build and these have been the first brands that make shirts that are long enough without being baggy.

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