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A Little Jantzen Help

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I am looking to place a new order with Ricky. I would like to try a wider collar than he offers on the site. Could anyone point me to a clear picture of a very wide spread collar? I thought if I could include a picture it might better illustrate what I am trying to commuunicate. Also, I need to communicate to him that I want a higher arm hole with a less blousey (sp?) arm. Anyone have any recommendations on the best way to write that? Thanks everyone.
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Thanks zj. Strangely, the collar I currently order from Ricky (#27) looks similar to those pictures when folded. Ideally, I would like a picture of someone wearing a very wide spread rather than a picture of ths shirt folded. Thanks again for your help though.
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http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/partypi...._04.php Some fairly wide spreads on display.  Pics could be better, but it is all I can think of off the top of my head. D'Amato's collar sounds up your alley, although it is too small on him. I also enjoy Andre Balaz's collar stance -- the picture is small, but it looks to be widely spread with a high collar band, which allows for longer collar points on the spread.
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The H&K I posted is very spread. Here's another:
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To avoid confusion, and to speed up your order, I think the best thing to do would be to call Jantzen (ask for Ricky) and explain to him what you want via a phone conversation, before ordering on the website. Ricky speaks okay english, so you shouldn't have any problems. I would repeat this advice to anyone else on this forum who says they are having trouble with Jantzen.....don't spam Ricky with emails.....pick up the phone and call him..
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Thanks again zj, that last picture is very close to my desired spread collar. Choco, I agree that it would be best to call Ricky. The hardest thing is the time difference. I am nearly 12 hours opposite to Hong Kong time. I have called before and agree that his English is pretty good.
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Time difference really shouldn't be that big of a deal, especially given the hours Ricky works. Get up early or stay up late.
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I for one am going to be really angry if you all work Ricky to death. I haven't even placed a single order yet. Lay off the guy, will ya?. Maybe I will start filtering and systematically deleting all Jantzen related posts, so his business will slow a bit to give him time to work on my projects....  
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Come on, now. No need to penalize those of us late to the game J.
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J, good idea.....Ricky needs to take a break and have time to work on some interesting new projects for us......you should see what he's working on for me right now......
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We should definitely see what he's working on for you. Be sure to post some pics when you get the garment.
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Has anyone else noticed that there's a moratorium on new orders on the Jantzen site?   Looks like it's becoming a victim of its own success ...
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WOW. This is actually good to know. I for one would rather have a moratorium placed on shirt orders for a while (it only is until December 21st) than to have no moratorium, in which case where you end up in queue seems to be random as opposed to chronologically based. I think Ricky might want to consider having ordering windows. For instance, orders will be taken the first and second weeks of every month only, with the third and fourth weeks dedicated to finishing the shirts. I doubt this would end up decreasing orders markedly -- anyone who goes to the trouble of finding the Jantzen website will probably not be deterred if they have to wait a week or two to order. By having two weeks to dedicate SOLELY to making shirts, it would probably be a more efficient shirt-making process. This of course fails to consider that the Internet orders probably are much smaller in number than the in-person orders.
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Has anyone else noticed that there's a moratorium on new orders on the Jantzen site?   Looks like it's becoming a victim of its own success ...
{From the site} Announcement: Due to overwhelming demand for our Made-to Measure shirt through our website, we are now working on the backlog orders. We apologize that we are not able to accept any New/Repeat orders of shirt before 21st December 2004. Please visit our site again. We take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support. Jantzen Tailor 09th December 2004.
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