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Impressing a date

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ANybody know a nice restaurant to take a girl in metro Detroit to impress her without it looking like i am trying too hard. Thanks for the hlp..
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Budget? How fancy? I could only advise in the Ann Arbor area---is that too far?
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Tell her "There isn't anyplace good enough for you in this country." Then take her to Canada. You know they just turn the table cloths over and over again in lieu of wiping them off up there?
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I think the places that I used to like are all gone now - Sparky Herbert's in Grosse Pointe Park, The Rhinoceros in Rivertown - heck most of Rivertown... Woodbridge Tavern, Rivertown Saloon, The Soup Kitchen, etc. If the Four Green Fields Irish Pub is still on Woodward in Royal Oak, you might check that out. Nice, comfortable restaurant and bar, great music. Sorry I can't be of more help. Bradford
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I appreciate the help guys and was thinking under 80 dollars for 2 people.
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In Ann Arbor: Zingerman's -- The best deli in the Midwest, period. It's like $10-15 a person and it isn't fancy, but you can walk around Kerrytown (the surrounding area) and Main St to check out the shops and like after. The Earle (on Washington St) -- Probably the best romantic restaurant in town. Great French cuisine, dimly lit, in the basement of the Earle building. About $20-25 an entree. Highly recommended. The Gandy Dancer -- Great seafood. Definitely make a reservation. Probably $15 an entree. The Chop House -- Great steak house. Go to La Dolce Vita (connected) next door to have a great dessert. Very expensive. A bunch of others, let me know if you need more help. I've eaten at every restaurant in Ann Arbor In Detroit: Whitney Restaurant -- It's in this historic mansion. Very romantic. Expensive. Golden Mushroom -- In Southfield. Romantic, but pricey. That's all I know about Detroit.
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