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Who's Your Daddy?

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Deleted (by me). Jon.
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Not so different from Maury Povich ("Who my baby daddy?"), except that the person is getting money for being exploited. Sounds like capitalism at work, to me.
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Ah well, people will do anything for money. And we, the viewing public often choose the tasteless, the sensational and the salacious over the tasteful, the educational and the challenging. I'm predicting that Scott Peterson's execution (if it ever actually comes to that) will be televised, and that the ratings will be enormous.
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it seems as if that would be a collossal flop. there is an abundance of titillating "reality" television out there, that show seems poorly conceived; ethics and decency aside, i wouldnt think that the excitement/suspense factor would be up there with a sports event or similar reality tv show.
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I didn't watch - but I saw today that "Who's Your Daddy" finished dead last in its time slot last night, trailing all other networks and drawing only 6.3 million viewers. Bradford
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I watched it. So cheesy I could not believe it. I mean I guess it's touching and all, but how many times do they need to show her staring off in space pondering?
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