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Harvie and Hudson Suits

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Has anyone tried the Harvie and Hudson suits with the Alfred Brown cloth woven in the UK? I bought a couple suits, great bargain for only about $400 each. They're definitely a fall/winter weight suit, but the quality and details is well above average for a RTW. Pick stitching, floating canvas that you can feel in the chest, nice British cut, 2 button suit. I know it's not a fully canvassed suit but it feels light years better than most RTW suits I've tried. I feel like I can crumple it up in the chest and it'll still be as soft and flexible as a blanket. I just wish it were a lighter, 3 season fabric. Any opinions?
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Good to hear you views - I have only just discovered H&H and their suits look better than the standard OTP. Although after a visit to the store it is quite a limited range and some popular sizes had sold out. 

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I received this email from them yesterday promoting their sportcoats:

Not my style. Very British built-up shoulders.
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I actually quite like the Maroon overcheck - I went into the shop recently and I do like their suits which appear well made. The range is limited though with only a few colours. A grey 44R not available (did not like the herringbone version)

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Are you sure the maroon over check is to die for!!!

Seem expensive but scant descriptions. I would certainly not die for such things.
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