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Originally Posted by thinman View Post
I bought an Allen-Edmonds Dover belt from The Shoe Mart, but it looks like all they have on the website now is black. It might be worth a call to see if they have other colors that just aren't on the web:

Alternatively, you could buy the cashmere-suede belt from STP in size 44 and have a cobbler cut it down to your size. If you go this route, have him install snaps, so you can easily change the buckle. Although I haven't yet tried this, a rule of thumb from the forum is that they can do this with a belt at least 6" longer than your waist size.
That much extra length isn't necessary. I've had 36W belts cut this way, with snaps, to my 34W size.
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I'm a big fan of the Sutor Mantelassi suded belt.....nice width and subtly stitched at the edges. I did a little homework for you from where I purchased several - Virtual Clotheshorse. You're golden at $39.00.....If you are a size 29?

Good luck.
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Bringing this back from the dead to get new opinions on brown suede belts. With the good weather around the corner (fingers crossed) can anyone recommend some places to buy suede belts online?
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Don't know where you'd be ordering from, so I'm not sure these might be an option for you:


Less red IRL:


Both are easy to shorten, if necessary.
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^ Just ordered this on sale. Very well made for the price and was a breeze to shorten thanks to the screw.
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I got a great Ben Silver one on Ebay, made by C&J it says on the inside. I haven't quite gotten the applications nailed down, seems useful but I'm never quite sure if it fits or not.
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