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They look legit to me. The thing with Yuketen is that they only make what shops order, so that shop could have been the only place that ordered that particular shoe. As for sizing, I've got 4 pairs of Yuketens, 3 US-made moc toe style and 1 italy-made sneaker and they seem to run TTS or .5 size big. I'm a 9, all the shoes are sized 9, but I probably could've sized down to 8.5 across the board.
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Originally Posted by senjet View Post

Hey guys,

Just checked out a beautiful pair of yuks - 30s work ox brown (http://vocab.sg/products/30-s-work-ox-g-brown) and it's on a pretty good sale.

Any idea if these are legit? Don't see a trace of these anywhere else on the Internet but some of the other shoes on the website are definitely real..

Also, anyone knows if this particular model is likely to fit true to size? Thanks!


That site does feel a bit scammy and slightly amateur, not least because there's no clear company address or contact phone number. Though I clicked around a bit and discovered that a company called Leftfoot are behind it, which is an established Singapore sneaker store. I'd guess it's legit and I'd be very surprised if any of this stuff was fake.


Singapore is very advanced in many areas, but online retail is not one of them.


In typical Singaporean retail style, I also noted that they do not offer refunds - only store credit. I'd advise you avoid buying online from stores that refuse to give refunds. Particularly if you're not sure what size you take.

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Thanks dixonmanor and 1989thenumber for your advice, it was very helpful.


I took a risk and ordered it, knowing that there's a good chance I'd be able to sell (for a profit) it if it didn't fit me since it was on a 50% off sale. Turns out, the US 9E I ordered fits perfectly. It indeed runs large for its size.. I typically wear a US size 10 or EU 43 for most brands, and I have a slightly wide foot (4.2") which corresponds to an E size. Thanks once again, and hope all you yuketen fans keep looking out for each other ^^

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GLad to hear it.
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Thanks for sharing. No half sizes though - otherwise I would have had those Maine Guide shoes. 

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I love everything about these. Currently hunting for an 11/10.5D

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big sale at Thecorner



the code gifttoyou gave me 20% off
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