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FWIW here are some of my sizings

Snuff Suede Chukka 10.5
Indy's 10



Common Projects

Ranger Mocc 11
Country Loafer 10 (I go sockless in this and it works well, thin socks are ok too but it's on the more snug side)
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Their mocs fit my feet (US 10D) true to size as well. I even need to go up a width to an E. Some people need to size down, as the thread indicates. You have to be willing to experiment at first and make some mistakes.

I'm wearing a 10E in MG 5-eye boot and, with socks (as I like to wear them) they fit similar to what Spencer described....comfortable throughout w/a bit of room up front that doesn't bother me.

No way I could ever do my barrie last (9.5D) in any Yuk models with moccasin construction. I just got an angler moc in scotch grain leather in 9.5E and if I keep them I'll only be able to wear it without socks. Even that is snug and I'd really prefer the option to go with light socks on these (anyone want to trade me a 10E?)
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I have a pair of MG five eye Loden green in 10.5, would like to trade them even up for a 10D...awesome just a tad too big.
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11.5 came, fit well. has anyone swapped the laces out on their yuketens? I think I'm gonna use some grey cotton laces instead of the rawhide ones.
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For more sizing, I just got a pair of Maine Guide DBs in size 10E. They fit a lot better than the 10.5D Maine Guide Chukkas and 10.5D Dress Hunt Boots. I'm normally a 11 in dress shoes, 10.5 in Alden barrie/trubalance and chukka boots and 11.5 in sneakers/chucks.
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not sure if this has been posted but Bodega store in Boston has a great selection of yuks at 30% off
just picked up a pair of loden 5 eye maine guides for 350 in store, same prices are online

I can't believe how amazing these things are.
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...trying to resist buying the Johnson boot....
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why resist? it looks so nice.
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so i have a little heel slippage with my yuks. they're definitely the right size - will this go away with wear, or should i get a tongue pad?
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Anyone else hate the cheap foam insole/instep padding? Ive removed it in both my pairs and they are alot more comfortable without it.. Cant understand why they didnt include a decently shaped insole...
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What have you guys been looking for in a Yuketen boot that you haven't found?

I'm talking colors, materials, outsole choice, model etc.

Anything and everything under the sun.

What would be the perfect pair for you?

I'm looking into doing a Woodlands SMU and we're leaning towards a Maine Guide or a Johnson boot. All feedback is welcome.
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a suede buck boot in a dark green & sand color would be great


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Maybe a unique sole on a unique color MG?
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finally decided to get rid of my sport hunt boots ... check my sig
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I just listed a pair of BNIB Maine Guides in Navy suede size 12

they are amazing, but I just don't need another MG right now
please see sig for details
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