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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
Just picked up these Chukka Moccs, can't wait till they arrive

These finally arrived yesterday and they are awesome! Leather is like butter. My first pair of Yuketens and they won't be my last.
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got the blue in 8.5c and bidding on the white in 8d. hope they are awesome
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Seriously guys, boat shoes are, er, well wet.
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I got a pair of the brown suede bucks selling on ebay, size 9. They were huge! Felt at least a full size too big, if not more, the folks selling them are super helpful and i'm hoping the smaller size i'm exchanging them for fit.
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might be uk sizing them... mine come on monday will update then
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^^any update on the sizing of the yuketens?
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am selling one of my yuketens (i got both the navy and white). check b&s for my pics. navy was in 8.5c, white was in 8d, id say they both fit around an 8.5D
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Interesting, the brown bucks must have been UK sizing then. I sent the 9's back and since they were willing to let me try, i got the 7s, they are just a pinch too small. I'm going to contact them to see if they have a chance of getting their hands on a pair of 8's.

Otherwise, i may put them up for sale or trade. Just a heads up if anyone's intereseted.
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Some images from Pitti, from Tries Bien.

S/S10 Yuketen

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Drool worthy
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Yuketen S/S2009 images that I extracted from the new flash movie on their site. Didn't really care to edit them down in size. I like the antique LV trunk.
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At American Rag SF several weeks ago (SS09):

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I need a pair with the cross stitched apron and the ripple sole!
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Originally Posted by timpoblete View Post

Hoping these are in the same price range as the ranger moccs. In that case, def going to robocop (or whatever the cool slang kids are using these days).
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