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DC Baseball

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Blech. I'm a transplant, and I don't even live within the District, but I was excited about the possibility of Nat'l League Baseball nearby. This is so frustrating. Every two weeks, it seemed, someone had a vote, moving toward a final vote. It's never final in DC, it seems. Boswell Article.
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Agreed. I wish they would just make a decision already. Red tape from the govt is always a pain.
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Screw the Orioles, DC needs a baseball team back, the Senators were one of the oldest teams when they left the DC area, I vote out them back, and make them a National League team in the South against the Braves and Marlins, we could use another regular team on our schedule.
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Looks like you D.C. residents might get one year... Expos move to DC in jeopardy Seems like Councilwoman Cropp should have raised these concerns before the city agreed to the deal. Enjoy that home opener against my Diamondbacks, it may be the last one for a while. Bradford
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Good point made by the mayor's rep on the radio this morning... This is seriously damaging the citys reputation for being able to bring in anything else (sports, big retail, otherwise). I know the mayor was pushing for a possible Olympics push (however remote) and maybe even a SuperBowl. Hard for any committee to see any credibility in DC when selfish city council people nix things like DC baseball, knowing well that it's good for the city. We're trying to revamp the DC waterfront at Anacostia, and baseball is the perfect way to start. Just look at all the retail/residential/business development that has taken place at the MCI Center, where the Wizards and Caps play. Its such a shame.
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I think there is an undercurrent of class conflict here.  Mayor Williams, a graduate of Yale College, Harvard Law School, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, is viewed by many as catering almost exclusively to the interests of DC's upper-class residents, most of whom are white.  The baseball stadium is just a convenient target.
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I'd definitely agree. I don't live in the district, so it's easy for me to say they should foot the stadium bill, and I'll buy the tickets. I'm a suburban white guy (though I might finally move into town this spring). Cropp, it seems, is doing right by her constituents. Three incumbent council members were voted out this fall in favor of reps who ran on anti-baseball platforms; people in the city have pretty much spoken. It makes me angry, because council members act like baseball owners are taking money out of average dc residents' pockets, which has never been the plan. The stadium $$ was to come from taxes on prosperous businesses and stadium concessions. It's disappointing. There's reason and stupidity on both sides. MLB got caught in the local politics crossfire. It just woulda been nice.
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With as much big cash as there is around here, we should be able to find $140M no problem from private investors. I thought Dan "The Man" Snyder was looking into DC baseball a while ago? He needs to open that checkbook. Also, I can see the constituents' view on this, but we need to focus on big picture. This could be huge for DC and that area. It'll pay off down the road.
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Hasn't baseball failed in DC twice already? Instead of forcing a team into a market that might not support a team (come on, the other contenders were Portland and Vegas???) The best thing for baseball from a competition standpoint would probably be to fold the team, but there is no way that would happen. They've got so much money invested in this franchise they've just got to find a home. They should put the team in New York. The Brooklyn Bombers, anyone?
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What a disaster. You'd think they would have had a little more concrete arrangement before announcing the move, unveiling the new name and logo, etc.
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Well it's a matter here of political aspirations and disconnect between the mayor and council. The mayor (as ambulance chaser pointed out, not a populist, exactly) negotiated a deal believing, falsely, that the city council was on board. Baseball pushed the promotional stuff as much as anyone. They're desperate to sell the team, and like DC, but they don't want a new stadium up in the air. Vegas has the best offer, but isn't family friendly, and a lot of the $$ involved is tied up in conflicted interest gambling, I believe. As far as baseball failing in dc: DC thirty years ago is not DC today. No one really questions whether it would do well; I think it would do great. Redskins are the #1 most valuable sports franchise, and the wizards and caps draw alright even though they suck reliably. Even the DC MLS team draws alright (relatively). It would, likely, draw fans mostly from the suburbs, it's true, but it's unquestionable that pulling in 30,000 wallets 81 nights a year would be a good thing. Steinbrenner would have a fit if MLB tried to put them in NJ or NYC. He'd make Angelos look conciliatory.
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It looks bad now, but this deal is going to get done.  It has to.  DC is the only city that makes sense.  Leaving DC for Las Vegas (or Portland or anywhere else) because of this stadium snafu is like breaking up with Ashley Judd because of a fight over the TV remote and hooking up with Monica Lewinsky.
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I dunno, if the City Council doesn't bust out some concessions pretty soon I think MLB will move on. They can contract 2 teams and get an additional $50M/year for each team...
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It looks bad now, but this deal is going to get done.  It has to.  DC is the only city that makes sense.  Leaving DC for Las Vegas (or Portland or anywhere else) because of this stadium snafu is like breaking up with Ashley Judd because of a fight over the TV remote and hooking up with Monica Lewinsky.
Just like I said . . .
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Good call. See you at a Nats/Phillies game.
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