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Really looking forward to this trip now; January is sale time to boot. Many thanks for the advice, particularly SF's Milan residents, daniele6 and Giona Granata. Here's a summary of Milan shopping for our future reference.  Please add to it as ideas come to mind.             Gentlemen's Apparel & Accessories Bespoke suits\t\t            Address Rubinacci\t\t                         Via del Gesù Caraceni\t\t\t            Via Fatebenefratelli Tindara de Luca\t\t            Via del Gesù MTM/RTW suits Borrelli\t\t\t            Via Tommaso Grossi Kiton\t\t\t            Via del Gesù Brioni\t\t\t            Via del Gesù Eddy Monetti (various makers)          Piazza S. Babila Bardelli (various)\t\t            Corso Magenta 13 Boggi\t\t\t            piazza del duomo Davids\t\t\t--- Ravizza\t(Milano style)\t            Via Tommaso Grossi Aiello (Milano style)\t            Via Tommaso Grossi Bespoke shirts Borrelli\t\t\t            Via Tommaso Grossi Shirting material Clerici\t\t\t             Via Dante Ties Marinella\t\t                        Via Santa Maria alla Porta\t Shoes Silvano Lattanzi, \t\t            Via del Gesù Neglia\t\t\t            Piazza S. Babila. Berluti\t\t\t            Via Verri Bestetti\t(bespoke)\t            Via Urbano III Hats Cappelleria Melegari\t           Via Paolo Sarpi Borsalino\t\t                        Galleria del Duomo* Accessories Valextra\t\t\t    --- Moreschi\t\t    Via Manzoni & Corso Vittorio Emanuele* Toiletries unique Fragrances Store\tVia Santa Maria alla Porta (near Marinella Bldg.) Restaurant Nobu (Japanese)\t\t Bar Dolce and Gabbana Trim & Shave Dolce and Gabbana Clothing Outlets Foxtown (\t            Mendrisio (50 km.) Biella\t\t\t            Biella (30 min. drive) *this location relatively overpriced
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borsalino is a very nice store but i was taken aback as to how small it actually is
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nice of you to put together a list uppercase..remember though, much of the fun is wandering around milan(or any other city for that matter) and all of a sudden discovering a great shop..buon divertimento
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I made a small tour during 24th decemeber, and I found that Borrelli moved to Via Tommaso Grossi. So Ravizza and Aiello are farther now, in Via Hoepli. Borrelli: Mantellassi: Stivaleria Savoia: Best Espresso in Milano - Galleria del duomo:
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Come to my shop :-) I'm in Monza (5km from Milan). Camiceria di Como ciao
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You have to decide yourself. Or Monza, Or Como.
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Does anyone know how the shirts, suits and ties from Doriani are?

And are the bespoke ties from Marinella really so great?
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