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I have a trip coming up to Milan in mid-January which I am very excited about. I plan to take 2 days for myself to shop and enjoy the city. Would really appreciate hearing from members as to what you found interesting there be it clothing, accessories, art galleries, dining, a barber (.), whatever is special to you.... TIA
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If you are in Italy during these dates below you may want to train down to Florence and spend a day at the Show. You may have to pay extra at the door or you can probably get tickets here in advance. PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO N. 67 12-15 January 2005 Florence, Fortezza da Basso Otherwise I am sure there are many people that can tell you exactly where to shop in Milan. Pity the Euro is so strong, you will probably get decent % off then even if the dollar is so weak. Have fun. JJF
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i have gone in milan 4 times in the past 3 years..i may be in the minority in that i like the city very much,albeit for short stays first time there i was without my wife and therefore could indulge all my shopping desires was like being in sartorial disneyworld..i found myself running from one side of the street to the other;there were so many windows to look in..via montenapoleone and via spiga are like madison avenue here in new york;all the very expensive highend designer shops..better to shop the more inclusive shops like boggi, eddi monelli, and countless others whose names i forget.. i'm sure you're aware of all the cultural things to see..if not ,i can fill you in a t another time as i'm sure many others here can do also..
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i must agree that i too like milan even if the italians themselves say it's the least italian of places, but as stated, only for short stays for bargain shopping, there are lots of outlets in the area, including the corporation etro outlet on via spartaco, which is very hit and miss and unfortunately in euros i always recommend taking that 1/2 hour or so train ride north to switzerland (chiasso is just inside the border) and taking the 10-15 taxi or postal bus ride to the outlets in mendrisio ( the swiss franc is a much better conversion than the euro and i find the prices to be much less expensive than what you find at the outlets in italy themselves (ie the swiss franc is a good 20% less than the usa dollar so CHF100 is only US80 or so)
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There was a thread about a year ago that had a lot of info about shopping in Milan, do a search in the archives and I'm sure you will find it. I definitely recommend the Foxtown outlets as well.
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Here's a post by Giona Granata that I found useful:
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Many thanks for your input. And I did a search for "Milan" and found many good tips. Foxtown is interesting. Never heard of it before. Let me narrow my question a bit: For those of you familiar with Milan and interested in more formal, traditional and high end clothing and accessories, such as bespoke shirts, shoes, tailors, leather goods, cufflinks, you have any tips? I'm sure I'll find the megabrands on the grand boulevards. But where are the hidden gems, the craftsmen, the artisans.... Have you come across the unique, the unusual, the splendid and rare men's items in Milan?
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If you're looking for an indulgent barbershop experience, go to the Dolce and Gabbana men's store and get your haircut and a wet shave. Then you can go upstairs and have a serious James Bond martini at the bar (and scope some beautiful women in the process). Even though D&G can be kind of corny, this place is really well-done in a very decadent way and the barbers are reputedly top-notch. The garden courtyard is pretty sweet too.
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by the way, if you are in mood for sushi(even though you're in milan) go to Nobu which is in the emporio armani store..
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just go to valextra and check out their luggage and leather goods, it's outstanding (and their outlet is around the corner)
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bespoke shirts: Borrelli, Via Tommaso Grossi. RTW from 150 euro, bespoke from 180. Suits from 1000 euro. bespoke suits: Caraceni, Via Fatebenefratelli, from 3000 euro. Eddy Monetti, Piazza S. Babila, from 1200 euro. Tindaro De Luca, Via del Gesù, from Brioni, Kiton in Via del Gesù. shoes: I don't buy italian shoes so often, but it seems you americans are crazy for Silvano Lattanzi, Via del Gesù, bespoke from 1200-1500 euro (esotic leathers from 3000). Buy Edward Green instead, from Neglia, Piazza S. Babila. Berluti is located in Via Verri. Ties: Marinella, of course. Via Santa Maria alla Porta. All ties are 80 euro, bespoke from 90. One of my favorite shops is Bardelli, Corso Magenta 13. 3 floors of RTW and MTM from Brioni, Kiton, Caruso, Attolini. Shoes from Edward Green, Church's. Hope this helps. Daniele (yes, in Italy it's a male name.)
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thanks, gents. so now i know where i can get a top notch shave, eat fabulous sushi, get fitted for a shirt, buy a bespoke tie, have a beautiful suit made, and buy a crocodile wallet and spend my euros in a variety stores i had never heard of before. and where to scope out the ladies as well. fantastic. and many thanks to those responding. if i buy something interesting there, i will be sure to post some photos. we need more photos on this site. if you have any more thoughts on the special, less well-known stores, let me know. how about jewelery stores: i wouldn't mind picking up some special cuffllinks in gold.... TIA
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you might want to pick up some cologne at Acqua di Parma (via del gesu 3..btween via montenapoleone & via spiga) also try one of Boggi's shops (of which there are a few around the city) very nice gentleman's clothing at prices that t won't hurt too oh, and by the way there are also some cultural things to see in Milan e.g. da vinci's Last Supper at santa maria delle grazie;la scala opera house,the duomo; pinacoteca di brera gallery in the brera area(also some cool stores in this neighborhood)
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you have to go to 10 corso como as well, if not just for the experience of the trendiness if going to the last supper, which is a must, even if you aren't religious, have your concierge call and book a time for you for a day or so in advance - if you show up to the church and try to book it there, you'll find it 99% of the time sold out for the day
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Near Borrelli, there is also Aiello (Cheaper RTW) and Ravizza (Cheaper MTM). Brion & Kiton are not bespoke as far as I know. Lattanzi is not bespoke. If you have time go to Biella (50km), the land of outlets and fabrics: the best italian cachemire.
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