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the state of my digestive system in December

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I am a salesman. as such, about 2/3 of my annual income is directly related to performance, and in my present position it seems that most of my deals get closed in Nov/Dec. I have shaken hands on all of the deals that I will close for 2004, but that doesn't mean that they are finalized. I am waiting for payments, for official PO's, for other issues to be solved before the boxes can go out the door and the sales can be registered. as such, my stomach is in such a knot I cannot begin to discribe. I am waiting for payment to come through on one deal that represents almost 20% of what I will earn this year. we have less than 10 working days to close this, and it is getting closer and closer to the cut off. to make things even more special my boss chewed me out this morning over how long it is taking, even though he really doesn't understand how this part of the business works. just thought that I would share.
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Having been in sales before, I completely understand the feeling. I don't think any boss ever understands the pressure that is placed on the salesman. But don't worry - once you close the deals you'll have a few days before the beginning of next year - when they'll likely raise your quota, set aside everything you did this year, and you can start on the treadmill all over again Bradford
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I for one are really glad that our company runs on a July to July fiscal year It is nearing the end of Q2 though, and things are going quite well (normally with about 2 weeks left in the quarter, we'd be at like 65% and scrambling to finish, but we're at close to 90% with expectations that we will easily exceed our quota) Still scrambling a bit though, to pad the bonus if nothing else
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I understand your dilemma as I am in almost the exact same position. I had an account back out of an order to ship this month that not only affects my compensation, but it takes an entire division from profitable to un-profitable and costs all the others a shot at their bonus. The only difference is my boss is actually helping me negotiate different options instead of berating me over it. I will be happy when it is over so I can sleep at night instead of waking up whenever I think of another possible solution to the problem.
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 I had an account back out of an order to ship this month that not only affects my compensation, but it takes an entire division from profitable to un-profitable and costs all the others a shot at their bonus.  
yeah, that's the whole issue with big ticket sales - one account can make or break your year.
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If it makes you feel any better, I have a hernia. No matter what the level my stress or money is, I have a digestion problem in December. Eric
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hey Eric, if I want to feel better, I will think of your shirt and tie, it is bound to get a smile on my face but thanks for the thought..
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LOL. Touche. Eric
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I was doing that a bit earlier in my career, when i was working for an environmental engineering consulting firm and doing sales, I worked for more than a year on a deal that thankfully went through otherwise I would have probably had negative income for the year
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3 years ago I worked on a deal that took more than 2 years to close, and in the end represented more than half of my earnings for the 2 year period. that was a story that I will tell some day soon, but that was some serious pressure. towards the end I actually thought that I had lost it through a mistake of my CEO, and then my company changed my compensation plan so that I only earned about a 3rd of what I was origionally supposed to earn. but hey, my company made golf shirts for the single deal for the first time in history. that's almost as good as a house, isn't it?
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LOL. A golf shirt instead of a house. Yeah that seems like a fair trade. I am still hoping I can work out an alternative plan so I can complete the sale and recognize the revenue this year. I am almost there, just trying to get everyone to agree to all the details. While this deal won't cost me my entire bonus, I feel guilty that it might cost others theirs.
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but it was a very nice shirt, and I got to pick the color. and, like my CEO kept telling me, it was the first individual deal that the company ever did that got its own golf shirt. yes, 2 years later I can laugh about it..
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I have great respect for those who work in sales--gotta be one of the toughest jobs around.
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Saturday morning, 1 january, one of my customers is scheduled to go to his bank and do some paperwork that will close a deal that we have been working on since nov and discussing since last march. he is enough ahead of me, time zone wise, that the paperwork in my end will register it as having come in in 2004. if this goes as planned, this will push my companies growth in sales up to a certain percentage, with certain very concrete results for the shareholders and officers. this deal will take me from just under quota to just over quota, and will take my bonus from ok to very nice. it will also result in my getting a 35% raise (my boss has promised me). this not happening will result in my not getting the above, plus looking like an idiot in from of my boss and my reports. I have done everything that I can do, and anything else I could do would just show weakness to my customer and get his to try to squeeze me for more discount. now I need to wait, and keep my belly full of soft, soothing low aside bland foods, to try to keep the churning down.
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So is the digestive system all right now that it's the 2nd? Did your deal go through?
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