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Filenes Basement ~ Boston

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Filenes Basement had a huge suit sale back in August. I think its coming up again. Does anyone know when? I just purchased a Zegna (Traveler) for $399 ~ marked down from $599. It was one of the suits left in the automatic mark down section.
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What does the Zegna look like? I hate to break it to you, but I think you got one of the Tessuto Zegnas, not an actual Zegna suit. If this is the case, I would urge you to return it. The suit sales occur all the time, but if you are talking about when the new huge shipment comes in (tons of Corneliani and Hickey Freeman, for example), March is the most likely time. THat's when it was last year. But the Louis Boston stuff will come before that (but those will be very expensive).
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johnny, you seem to be at the basement about as much as I'd like to be. Will you post the next time you see a big shipment of Louis Boston or even Mr. Sid stuff comes in?
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I will.
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I was there in March 2004 and I loved it, "The Basement" in Boston had some really deal, unlike "The Basement" here in DC which is more of a hike the price and fake a sale - sale. NP
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Nektopoli, Here in DC, there can be some great deals if you are in the store on the right day. Basically, to find out when they are about to get in a shipment of Barney's, Bergdorfs, Mr. Sid, Mitchells/Richards, etc., you either need to be on their mailing list or you need to look for their ads in Section A of the Washington Post (ads appear several times a week, but are pretty clear about the really good shipments -- referring to "top quality items from famous high-end New York department store" or similar language). The next really good sale should be in late January or early February with shipments from Bergdorf's and Barney's.
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Talked to a Filene's manager (Boston; i.e. mothership) yesterday. Inventory is coming up, so fresh stock (especially of the good) won't be in until mid/late January, earliest.
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Just popped in there on my lunch break today. Bought two cashmere Avon Celli sweaters for 75 each. They also had Brioni dress shirts at $99. They usually sell them upwards of 199. Don't know if this was a mistake or what. Gotta love this place.
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