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Tie question

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I'm going to a work function tomorrow. I was planning on wearing a 2 button Oxxford suit in a medium weight steel blue nailhead (looks sort of bluish grey overall), a sky blue twill spread collar shirt with subtle darker blue stripes, and my new Polo cordovan bluchers. My question is what tie would you go with? My sense was to keep it in a darker shade, such as deep burgundy (sort of a purple) or possibly even a navy blue (I'm not going with a solid tie, I'm just talking about the dominant color right now). Should I do that or throw in a brighter color, such as gold or blood orange? Thanks.
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I always vote for brighter. Just something to make you stand out, esp with a darker suit.
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I think it depends on the work function. Is this with clients? Is it a company holiday party? Is it with new hires? My opinion is that those all have a different feel and likely make a difference in how bold you can be (burgundy vs. blood orange).
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It is a small dinner keynoted by a federal judge. I would have worn a dressier suit but this is an very early evening affair and it's going to be freezing tomorrow. The suit is very appropriate, as are the shoes (no need to wear black). I'm just wondering on the tie. Clients are not involved.
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I would go with a maroon tie that picks up the blue in the shirt. Do not go with something bright, especially if it is an evening event. Also, if I were you and assuming it is an evening event, I would wear a pair of black laceup shoes. The Polo Cordovans (I know the model; I bought the wingtip version) are too casual for a work function. They are really beautiful, sturdy English country shoes that would look best when worn with cords, moleskins, whipcords, etc. That is just my opinion.
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I would suggest a non-striped red tie, not the shiny ones, but something subtle in dark red (almost maroonish). It's both formal and sexy. Chances are you'll stand out in the best positive way.
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You are probably right re: black shoes. I don't think it's necessary, but ... The Polo's go just fine with suits, in my opinion. I didn't think they would at first, but they do. I'll wear my black Cardiffs and go with the maroon tie (that was my first choice), which is a Zegna.
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I'd go with maroon or some shade of red myself, perhaps burgundy, perhaps something with some sort of texture to it.
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I agree the black cardiffs are a better choice. Those are great shoes. Wish I had a pair.
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Drizz, that's exactly what the tie is -- burgundy with non-busy dark blue stripes. A bit of texture to it, and a little bit of sheen, which will stand out from the brushed finish of the suit and the fine twill of the shirt.
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Might as well ask here, instead of starting a new thread with the same title.  I've got an evening wedding later this week with a bunch of people who "won't know the difference" according to my gf (her friends, not mine).  Slim black suit, white shirt.  Debating between two of FIH's ties: which is only if FIH gets the 'champagne' in this week.  The way I see it the 'champagne' is a bit classier while the 'rust' is more festive and eye-catching.   Also in the running is as a more flamboyant option. Opinions? Tom
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I like the second one. It pops out more than the other two.
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Slim black suit and white shirt I would imagine a white pocket square in which case I would go with choice one. On the other hand tie two is also nice but I'm wondering what kind of pocket square? A subdued dark red maybe, both good choices. Tie three to me doesn't seem more flamboyant than two you could possibly even pull it off with a white pocket square if it is silk no? Since this is not so important an event or discening a crowd why not try out the limit of what you are willing to do. Do the wildest combo and see if you can handle it.
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Good point Alex_O, this might be the time to break out my brighter striped T&A. Nothing too out of control, just vibrant pink and blue stripes. As far as a pocket square goes my date (ok, the girl for whom I am a date/accessory) will be wearing indigo silk so I am considering and looking for a white linen square with indigo piping.
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I prefer the second tie with a crisp white pocket square.
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