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Yet more shoes questions

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1) whats the difference between shoe cream and polish? 2) I know i should polish my shoes when i get them, does it matter if i use shoe cream or shoe polish? 3) How does shoe wax that i keep hearing about fit into this whole picture. 4) DO you recommend cleaning shoe brushes and clothes or just buyin new ones? Sorry if i sound so ignorant but i just starting buying decent shoes and i want them to last and i'm not quite sure how to fully take care of them and i can't find the posts the i remember vaguely hearing about this stuff in.
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Please, please, please: search first. There are many, many, many (you get the point) threads on care ofr beautiful shoes. I actually spent the better part of my morning reading them all. My favorite linked to this ask andy page: Perfect shoeshine
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polish and wax are the same thing. they put a protective layer between the elements and the leather. cream is used to nourish and rejuvinate the color of the leather. when you get new shoes, it's a good idea to add a layer or two of polish. but it's not absolutely necessary. cream is not needed unless the leather is particularly dry, eg very old stock. i don't wash my rags, I just throw them away. i use old t-shirts or socks...any rag I can find.
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