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Hi all, I know that a lot of folks have moleskins, but I happened across them on the J. Peterman website (thanks to a link someone posted to Peterman - which I thought was out of business...). I don't know anything about Peterman quality. What I would like are medium to long-rise moleskins from a reputable maker. My favorite pair of trousers are from Sulka. They sit close to the natural waist, have an interesting slight dart detail in the front. Any guidance?
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Well, thanks. Now I am stuck reading the whole Peterman site with the voice from Seinfeld in my head.... "Elaine, let me tell you about my trip to Kampuchea..."
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C'mon, man. It's well-written stuff... Besides, I only discovered b/c someone linked to it from here a week or two ago. I also associate it with Seinfeld. I was sure that it had gone out of business. Where did I get that idea? Was it just a plot line on an old episode of the show? Now, back to moleskins. What's the story here, peeps?
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You thought they went out of business because they stopped printing "the owner's manual" a bit over a decade ago. That was their nifty catalog that was shaped like a travel wallet. However, they are still going strong. I have a number of j peterman items that I have collected over the years. As for quality, I'd say that you get slightly less than you pay for. Basically that means, my $30 "otovelo mountain shirt" from them was thin and crappily made and fell apart in about a month. My $70 polo shirt is over ten years old and still my favorite polo... by far. Once you get into the more expensive items, quality is pretty good. Peterman makes stuff in small quantities, so even when it is made in a third world sweat shop, it's usually done fairly well. -Tom
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J. Peterman from the cool catalog days is no more. The real J. Peterman of Lexington, Kentucky (where the company was founded and based) essentially overextended himself and everything crashed around him. The company name and assets were sold. The current company may carry on some of the same vibe, but Mr. Peterman (not the Seinfeld character) is no longer affiliated with it.
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Hey Tom, Thanks a lot for the feedback on Peterman quality - it is much appreciated.  Their stuff seems suspiciously reasonably priced, esp as I would guess they take quite a markup. That said, I don't want to restrict our discussion to Peterman.  They sparked my interest with their wonderful prose, but the concept I am going for is 'classic moleskin purveyor'.  Obviously, they wouldn't hold that title, but if I heard that someone owned a pair of moleskins from them and was thrilled, my ears might perk up a bit. To liven things up a bit, here are a few more moleskin examples: In the trad/outdoorsy corner, we have Orvis.  They are generally not my style, but for something like this I might be persuaded... The Aussies at RM Williams (via Bootsonline) ought to know a thing or two about hardwearing miner's trousers. Finally, again with the 'outdoorsy' aspect, we have Filson at  David Morgan (although, again, double-pleats aren't my style - I am looking for a nice high waist and smooth line) I know that these are traditionally British.  I'd like to get a pair in a higher-rise cut.  I don't mind paying retail (sacrilege.) if I can get 'the perfect pair'.   Hope this may spark some thought, and thanks in advance for any help.
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Try Pakeman, Catto & Carter: moleskins Remember that the louder the colour the better.
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Try Pakeman, Catto & Carter: moleskins Remember that the louder the colour the better.
Good site, thanks Viro Bono. Do you know if their gear (most of it anyway) is made in the UK or elsewhere? As for moleskins, I've found Barbour to be a good one (at least the one's from 10-15 years ago) -- though they were cut on the thin side.
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I have a few pair of orvis moleskins, they have worn well and I love the way they feel. Filson has some also, in forest green. Bills Khakis has some, in the Bill's Archive section of their website.
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The best moleskin I have ever worn was by Zanella, a flat front pair of olive moleskin "jeans."  They are four years old and still beautiful.  I saw them at Nordstrom in 2000 but never since. I noticed a stack of similar jeans by Jhane Barnes in 2001 but never tried them out.
post #11 of 15 I have a couple of pairs of these from Brooks Brothers. Fairly high waisted and relaxed fit. They come in "odd" sizes meaning you can get a 33 and not have to alter a 32 or a 34.
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Check out the ones made by Filson. They are amazingly comfortable. Very thick and warm.
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I am wary of Barbour moleys. I had some superb ones a few years ago, but the next pair I bought were truly dreadful - much lighter in weight and not as well made. My fiancee lives not far from the Barbour factory and we call at the factory shop often - last time they had some good moleskins, but some of the stock their is samples or short run trial stuff, so may not be widely available. I am not sure where Pakeman's source their stock, but I have found their customer service very good, so if you email and ask I am sure they will tell you. David Saxby at Old Hat (Fulham and Princes Arcade) has some stunning moleskins, beautifully cut and in suitably brave colours; I am sure he will ship them if asked.
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I just picked up a pair of the Brooks Brothers moleskins. I'm no moleskin connoisseur, but they seemed nice aside from being more "relaxed" fit than I would like. Also, in store they were $89.50 each or 2 for $120 (or $130 -- can't quite remember). dan
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I just picked up a pair of the Brooks Brothers moleskins.  I'm no moleskin connoisseur, but they seemed nice aside from being more "relaxed" fit than I would like.  Also, in store they were $89.50 each or 2 for $120 (or $130 -- can't quite remember). dan
I bought a pair of Brooks moleskins back in 2000-01 or so. They were okay -- I was disappointed with the tailor at Brooks (this was the San Francisco store). Barbour: The one's I bought must've been 10+ years ago. I haven't seen their quality since then. I was disappointed to note that their tattersal shirts are made in Bulgeria or Portugal -- though if they're flannel, then I understand that Portugese flannel is very nice stuff. I may try the Filson brand -- I've always admired their kit. I believe (as others have noted as well) that they're starting to branch out into other things, but let's hope they stick to their roots, as excellent quality gear. One could do a lot worse than Filson, for USA brands -- and probably not much better, no?
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